The Phoenix


phoe·nix also phe·nix (nĭks) n.

  1. Mythology. A bird in Egyptian mythology that lived in the desert for 500 years and then consumed itself by fire, later to rise renewed from its ashes.
  2. A person or thing of unsurpassed excellence or beauty; a paragon.
  3. Phoenix A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Tucana and Sculptor.


phoenix, fabulous bird that periodically regenerated itself, used in literature as a symbol of death and resurrection. According to legend, the phoenix lived in Arabia; when it reached the end of its life (500 years), it burned itself on a pyre of flames, and from the ashes a new phoenix arose. As a sacred symbol in Egyptian religion, the phoenix represented the sun, which dies each night and rises again each morning. According to Herodotus the bird was red and golden and resembled an eagle.


phoenix (fee-niks)

A mythical bird that periodically burned itself to death and emerged from the ashes as a new phoenix. According to most stories, the rebirth of the phoenix happened every five hundred years. Only one phoenix lived at a time.

  • To “rise like a phoenix from the ashes” is to overcome a seemingly insurmountable setback.
  • From the DEVIL’s DICTIONARY…

    phoenix n.

    The classical prototype of the modern “small hot bird.”


    Wicked Woman…
    Wandering Witch…
    Betrayed Beauty…
    Beloved Bitch.


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