When the Snippiness Gets to You

I’m stuck at work and can’t really think of anything to do, which automatically put me in a lousy mood.  I guess I’m a bit snippier than usual because I haven’t been able to eat anything since I got in at 9:40 pm last night.  Or maybe I’m just being a snip because that’s just my nature when I don’t get my way.

One of my friends, Everto Nex, said that I’m very nice and very sweet… when you do exactly as I tell you.  But then again, he said, when things don’t turn out quite right, I don’t kill people… I just make them wish that they were dead.

I recently sent out meeting requests over our network email to people who wanted to join my team.  I sent out the invitation 30 minutes ago.  Of the 3 applicants up for interview tonight, only 1 has accepted it.  There are trackers attached to the emails that I send, so I know exactly who’s read my messages and who hasn’t.  Apparently, all three applicants have read it… but two of them either aren’t interested or they’re just too stupid to figure out how to accept a goddamn meeting request (which would be a very good inidicator that they probably DON’T belong in my team).

In one of my earlier entries, I posted a survey that I completed a couple of days ago.  I seem to find myself abnormally amused at things like that.  More than anything else, I apparently REALLY like talking about myself.  Anyway, one of the questions was “What is one thing that you cannot live without?”  I think I was able to answer that without batting an eyelash: Intellectual Stimulation.  “Even when falling in love,” I wrote, “I have an IQ requirement.”

Snippy, but true.  I cannot stand stupid people – hence the irritation over individuals who either do not want to, or are incapable of accepting meeting requests.  This really didn’t work for me when I was a trainer.  I used to scare the trainees so much that they’d end up crying during their final application exam.  This doesn’t really work in my favor when I used to do phone interviews, either.  There were nights when I would just be so thankful of the mute button… I could swear at the applicants’ apparent lack of synapse activity and they’d never be the wiser.

My significant other is here, which means that I’ll be on my way home in a couple of minutes.  Everto Nex gave me the slip when he conveniently got sick and failed to report for work today.  Seeing that there’s only one confirmation for tonight, maybe I’ll cancel interviews, snip that I am.  Or better yet, maybe I won’t show up at all.


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