People are People


For those who aspire to one day Dominate the World, take notes.  I can proudly say that I learned from the best… Everto Nex, I owe everything to you.


Dearest Team Lead,

I understand that you feel that she is one of your strongest agents. I also understand your frustration, as I do hers. However, I have agents have applied for a higher position five times in a row, never got promoted, but is still willing to stay in the account. This, in my opinion, is loyalty.

Everyone has the chance to have growth in their career, but not in the same time. I have asked Ana to provide feedback regarding the first level interview to the applicants’ respective Team Leads so that they could further enhance their skills. When the time comes, perhaps they could try again – having learned more, having become more.

I believe that she has the capability to be a good trainer. Based on the answers that she gave, though, I was not convinced, nor was I impressed enough to short-list her. She sees the post as it is – as an individual post – but she does not understand the role that she will play in the collective… neither was she willing to see the entire picture.

One thing that I have learned in this job is that there are times when you have to adjust, but you never change who you are, because if you do, then the job that you do is no longer yours and you are no longer yourself. I never had any plans of changing any of the people who have joined the Training and Quality Team, and I have no intention of ever doing so. My Quality Coordinators, my Trainers, even myself… we have all gotten own respective posts because we were exactly who we were – with our own strengths, our own weaknesses, our respective moments of brilliance and when we are all just… people.

Learning is a choice, thus growth is a choice.
Staying is a choice.
Leaving is a choice.

We all believe in free will. If she wants to leave, let her go.

Best Regards,
Phoenix Fire

Date: April 7, 2006
Time: 6:21 AM
Listening To: Don’t Tell Me – Avril Lavigne


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