Bizarre Love Triangle

I have a friend who asked my opinion about this girl he was kind of interested in.  These were the exact words that I’ll told him – “If it’s going to make you happy, then I’ll be happy for you.  But my personal take is this… I won’t tell you to stop seeing her, but don’t expect me to encourage you either.”

That, is a euphemism for “STOP SEEING HER!!!”.  I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that I really, REALLY do not like this girl.  It would be better, I think, if the entire story is told before anything more is said.

In our world, there were three original characters in the story… let’s call them the same names as me and my friends call them whenever we have our “meetings”:

  • Girlet – the original girlfriend of the major male character
  • Boylet – the boy who everyone seems to be so interested in (which, honestly, I do not understand)
  • Merlat – the other girl

The cast list eventually grew as this particular group of people apparently had a knack of dragging other people into their very complicated situation.  Ever since Girlet and Boylet became part of our world, they have always been together.  But then Girlet started getting this “feeling” about Boylet and Merlat’s friendship, which eventually proved to be true.  These days, we ALL talk about them – from the frontliners, to middle-management, to managers.  They’ve become big news, and not in the good way.  Anyway, it was this Merlat that my friend started being interested in.

One day, my friend – let’s call him Jappy – joined us (the Green Gabi Gang for lack of a better name) for lunch.  It was then that he started gathering our opinions regarding whether he should go for this girl or if he should start the slow act of disappearing.  There were a lot of things that were said at that table… mostly about the same thing.  I, apparently, was not alone in my opinions about Merlat.

Jappy is a friend and, like any other friend, had he chosen to go through with the Merlat thing, I would still have been a friend.  As all friends do, we tolerate the significant others of our friends that we do not particularly like.  The funny thing is that last night one of my boyfriend’s friends opened up about the details of his non-relationship with another character in this sordid story: Girlet.  Boyfriend’s friend had been sucked into this very strange tale and is getting close to becoming one of the main casts (which no one in their right mind would want for themselves).

Boyfriend’s friend is more his friend than mine and, unlike when Jappy asked for my opnion, I did not offer it as freely.  Last night, B’s friend kept saying that he hasn’t fallen for Girlet.  When I give him balanced statements such as “it’s your personal choice to tell people about Girlet as how you see her, but you have to be ready when people don’t necessarily agree with you”, he would agree.  However, the moment he opens his mouth and starts talking about her, all objectivity flies out the window.  I guess we’re all like that when we start talking about people that we have feelings for.

Ladies and gentlement, I’ve just found the newest King of Denial.

There was a point last night wherein I just wanted to stand up and lock myself in the bedroom.  B’s friend was asking about our opinions about the whole thing but listening to how he defended her every time B threw out a question, I just got bored.  The thing about me is that I have very little patience for people who no longer have the capability of seeing things from a perspective asides from their own.  And that’s exactly what happened to B’s friend.  He may be saying that he’s ready for other people to not share his point of view about Girlet, but his behavior suggests otherwise.  He isn’t ready, nor was he willing, to look at his lady love in any other way than his own.

The truest thing that I probably said last night was that “No offense meant, but I don’t like them. ANY of them.”, referring to Girlet, Boylet and Merlat.  It’s true that I don’t know them personally.  I did not foster any kind of relationship – professional or personal – with any of them.  Jappy knows Merlat better than I do.  B’s friend knows Girlet better than I do.  So no, I do not know them… but none of them ever gave me any reason to want to get to know them better.

And that, in itself, tells me something.


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