And Then There was Toga

I had mixed feelings about this weekend.

The Good:

ð     I was so looking forward to it because The Growing Gabi Gang will be meeting tonight and then stay at the condo.

ð     Boyfriend got accepted in one of the more stable bpo companies in the area so we were planning to have a little celebration (which is never really more than a dinner and a movie)

ð     Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs started showing last weekend but we weren’t able to watch it.  (Harry Potter’s going to be released on the 16th, so I have to watch Ice Age now :D) Plus, Elowee said that it was nice.

The Bad:

ð     Francisco really wanted to go out today because he’ll be back on the phones by Monday.  He’s been helping out with training for the last 2 months… and let’s face it, no one really wants to go back on the phone.

But this, I did not expect.

The Ugly:

ð     I woke up at 2:00 pm today to find a text message from one of my trainers that completely drove me up the wall.

I was suppose to write down the SMS messages exchanged between Toga and myself, but I did a really smart thing and deleted all the messages in my Sent items.  My only point is this: I am all for empowerment.  I want my trainers to be able to decide about things on their own.  My only demand is that if anything happens, I should hear it from them and not from anyone else (or finding out about it on my own, which usually makes things a lot worse because of my temper issues).

If she really does feel that a module that usually runs for 7 days can be compressed into 2 because the agents scheduled to undergo it have been supporting the tech line since April and because they use the same system, then that’s perfectly fine.  But it’s my job to think two steps ahead, to make sure that there are secondary and tertiary plans in place in case something goes wrong.  If her plans are solid and she’s really thought that decision through, the least that I expect is that when I have questions about how she’s going to go about things, she better have answers.

And just to make things clear, “I don’t know” is NOT an answer.


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