Today I Got a Call from a Background Checker

An unknown number called my mobile phone earlier… Usually, I really don’t answer calls that don’t immediately tie up to one of my contacts, but Boyfriend insisted that I should.  So I had Boyfriend answered it instead.

It turned out to be some person from NCIS Manila (and no, I do not know what company this is), doing a character reference check for one of my former trainees / agents.  This isn’t the first time someone’s put me as a character reference so the type of transaction wasn’t a surprise.  What was a surprise was that while trying to “interview” me, the background checker guy (who failed to introduce himself, by the way), kept speaking in the vernacular.

Now I have nothing again speaking in Filipino.  It’s not my first language and definitely not my forte, but I’m perfectly aware that most people to not share this particular trait and are more comfortable speaking in Filipino (although if this is true, I have no idea why he would be in the contact center industry).  What irritated me was that throughout the entire conversation, I was speaking in English.  I guess it just kind of felt weird that after answering in English, a question in Filipino would be asked.

I don’t know if this is acceptable in NCIS Manila, but from where I come from, it definitely is not.  I should know… I used to do interviews for my account.  And I used to fail most of them.


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