Nearing the Breaking Point

I really should have taken my horoscope more seriously.

Okay, so I had a pretty good day at work – up until I got that email from that person.  I get it… operations will always come first.  I understand what kind of pressure he’s under to meet his numbers (been there, done that, will never to do it again), but come on… Can’t he look beyond himself and his unit every once in a while?

Don’t get it, do you?

Let’s try to put some background on this… I work for the support group of our account.  More specifically, I’m part of the training team.  I also do conceptual training for other accounts that are part of our business unit.  I’m also one of the owners for our developmental program for frontliners.  This year, I have 3 people undergoing the support group program and 3 people undergoing the operations program.  Those 6 people come from 2 separate groups – one headed by a pregnant manager and the other headed by HIM.  Anyway, due to some sudden operational changes, their volume is expected to drastically increase by the middle of the week.  I then get an email saying that he wants ALL activities related to the developmental program suspended until the end of next month.  The thing is, half of my pool (the frontliners undergoing the developmental program) comes from his unit.  Without those 3, none of the activities – pre-planned, pre-scheduled and about-to-be-scheduled – can push through.

If the sudden change in plans didn’t affect the other 3 pool members from the other group, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash.  I would have suspended all activities.  But then again, based on the feedback given by the same pool, the sudden suspension of activities did not help them reach their readiness-level while they were undergoing Phase I.  In an effort to compromise, I cancelled all training classes for next week (which would have totaled to 11 hours).  I’m scheduling all succeeding activities to occur during the second half of our shift – which will eventually become a problem for me, because I only stay in the office until 3:00 am.  I am making all of these adjustments… and I’m trying really hard to be polite about it.

But when I receive several emails that don’t even have the courtesy “Hi” or “Hello” and just automatically starts with the body of the email, I begin to feel a little off about it.  And I’m getting really pissy about the whole thing.

Unfortunately, I know myself well enough to know that I’m just going to keep going to keep my mouth shut.  I’ve never been the type to go mouthing off when things don’t go my way or when things get a little too much.  I’m so repressed that way that it almost makes me mentally retarded.

That is, until I break.  And then suddenly I’m at the point of no return.

Let’s just hope I don’t get there any time soon.


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