Life Lesson #30

I was listening to Beyonce and R. Kelly’s version of “If I Were a Boy” while I was only my way home from work.  I used to cry buckets over this song.  Every single time I heard it.  Every single word that was sung in that song, I understood. I understood because it was exactly how I was feeling all those months ago.

Today, I was waiting for the familiar ache… the same sadness that I felt when I listened to her words.  I was waiting for the same hurt that had become synonymous with the song.  But today, none of those feelings came.

I remember what happened.  I understood that there was a time when I felt so broken and thrown aside.  I just… didn’t feel so broken anymore.  I know that I’m not completely whole, but I also understand that some of the cracks have mended.  The scars will always be there.  It has become a part of me, of who I’ve become.  And I’m okay with that.

Life Lesson #30:  Time heals almost everything. Give time time.

She was right.  Time heals almost everything.  Even me.

Maybe I’ve given time enough time.  Maybe I’ve finally begun to heal.  Maybe.


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