It Always Comes Down to the Bottom Line

Boyfriend and I are getting ready to go out.  We’ll be heading off to watch the new Harry Potter film in Greenhills.  I can only hope that we’ll still be able to get seats.

I miss my Harry Potter books.  I have this need to read the seventh one again.  When it was first published it was like I had waited so long for it that I read it in such a hurry… That it was more important to get to the last page of the book than to actually enjoy the story.  That’s what I want now… to travel into the tale. And this time, I’ll make sure to take my time.

It’ll be a long weekend for me, so I really hope it’ll be a good one.


  • Watch Harry Potter (hopefully)
  • Eat at Little Asia (Boyfriend and I are celebrating our 16th monthsary)
  • Visit Fully Booked (I need to check on the new Matthew Reilly book again… that, and that particular branch’s selection on Training and Leadership books are awesome!)


  • Volleyball game in Meralco (We made it to the semi-finals!  Now if I could only get to the gym by 11:30 am)

I have Monday in as a rest day.  Based on experience, whenever we have a game, I always end up being unable to get out of bed the next day.  Sometimes I wonder if I should feel bad when I take days off like these, especially when I know that there’s work waiting for me back in Burgundy.  But then again, no one really looks for me when I’m there – I can even go on for days without having face-to-face conversations with my boss.  So why would it matter so much if I wasn’t there?


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