Humster He Wrote

I already had the bad habit of staying up late when I was still in collage.  My then-boyfriend used to bring me home after midnight and one of things that amused us on the ride home was this particular radio station.  I don’t remember what station it was, who the DJ was or even what the program was named.  What I do remember was this particular segment…

A guy had sent a letter in, describing how bad he felt because his pet hamster passed away.  There were a lot of grammatical errors and, even at 18, it was already a pet peeve (I turned maldita really early in life), so it gave me a good laugh.  The DJ, however, apparently didn’t think enough bashing was done and decided to give his listeners the cherry on top of the ice cream cone.

He spelled out how “hamster” was written.


And for some strange reason, I woke up at 2:30 am today with that word in my head.


Big haha.


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