Daily Ramblings (07.21.09)

I dreamt of Rachelle this morning (I would like to say last night, but I fell asleep past 8:30 am).  It’s so weird and it’s left me a little… concerned.  I wonder if she’s okay.  I’m very weird that way.  Sometimes even I don’t understand me.

What the starts say today:

The Bottom Line

Be gentle, yet firm if someone’s boring you senseless. Your time is valuable.

In Detail

A recent change in your diet is starting to create some changes in your physical body today, either in terms of your energy level (you’re starting to have more) or in terms of your body (you’re starting to have less). Keep up the good work, but don’t expect such dramatic changes to continue — plateaus are in your future, and you have to be prepared to persevere through them. You are treating yourself right and showing yourself the kind of care you usually reserve for others.

On to other things…

  • I added Oye Dela Cruz in Facebook yesterday.  My Friend Request was approved on the same day.  Today I added her in Friendster.
  • We’re set to watch the premiere of Johnny Depp’s “Public Enemies” in Robinson’s Galleria tonight.  The tickets are courtesy of Brian’s Aunt Ne who I’ll be meeting for the first time.  I’m horrible at first impressions.  I wonder if she’ll like me.
  • We have a conference call with the new DIrector for Offshore Business later, which is the main reason why I didn’t file for a whole day leave.  I don’t mind, really.  My part in the Business Reviews have gotten smaller and smaller… sometimes I wonder if they’ll even notice if they’ll notice if I missed today’s meeting.
  • Tomorrow, I’ll be going back to my normail 9-hour shift, officially putting an end to my abnormally long but really-needed weekend.  The good thing is I’ll be seeing the Growing Gabi Gang again.

I’m watching 7th Heaven while writing this and Eric Camden’s line kinda stuck in my head. “As they say, all evil needs is for good men to sit back and do nothing.”

Maybe it’s a sign.


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