“I don’t know… was he invitited?”

No, today was not a good day (and for that, I decided to quote Madame’s college professor, just for laughs).  How was it not a good day?  Let me count the ways…

First of all, when I woke up, I saw that it was already almost 3:00 pm.  I hate waking up late.  I have my “rituals”, so I need to be awake by at least 2:00 pm (or 2:30 pm at the latest) to go through all the things I have to go through, eat (if I was hungry, which I usually was) take a bath, dress up, commute to work and arrive by 6:00 pm.  Waking up at 3:00 pm meant that I was going to take a cab (I refuse to commute after 6:00 pm), which, in turn, meant that I was going to go over my budget.  Again.

And I’m so anal about money that way.

And then Boyfriend had this need to get his mobile phone fixed.  Having it done was another 2.5k.  I love him and I knew that he wanted to have his phone fixed… but did it really have to be done now?  Today?  I could go on about this, but then something else happened that made the whole mobile phone thing seem petty.  I guess I wasn’t the only one who was having a bad day.

So I punched in at 7:00 pm, which meant  I had to stay in the office until 4:00 am.  It was pretty quiet at the beginning of my shift.  Elowee, however, messaged in after Madame and I got back from his lunch.  She couldn’t make it to work.  So it was a REALLY quiet day for me (which would explain why I got so much work done).

Then came my 10 o’clock.  I hold training demonstration sessions for L1s that my trainers have identified as possible back ups.  I’ve done 3 TDs, including today’s.  To date, only 1 has passed.

Good Goddess.  I’ve been through bad TDs before (Baby E’s first choice’s TD was no walk in the park), but I’ve never really sat through a session feeling like I was in the middle of an operation’s review.  It was BORING.  So boring that I wanted to chuck something at her.  But I couldn’t, so I stayed quiet and slowly morphed in Simon Cowell.

I don’t do the whole sugarcoating well.  I’m an extremist – when it comes to expressing my opinions, it’s either I shut up and simmer or I open my mouth and let you have it.  I have to admit, I’ve been nicer when giving feedback this year than I’ve been in the past.  For some reason, though, most people are terrified of presenting in front of me.  I wonder why.  To cut a really, REALLY long story short, the TD sucked (unfiltered).  The feedback session was… interesting (euphemism – I majored in this).

Now I’m home, with Boyfriend, and couldn’t be happier.  I’m doing my blog for the day, which is one of my mid-year resolutions (something that deserves a post of its own).  So I’m okay.

* crooked smile *


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