Daily Ramblings (07.24.09)

I missed Boyfriend today, so I’m very, very glad that I’m home.

On to other things…

The Bottom Line

Sometimes you gotta go with your gut. Act on instinct; look at the fine print later.

In Detail

If anyone has seen you alone for the past day or so, it’s quite surprising. You’re in the mood to be part of a couple — a very close couple — and if there’s anything you can do to keep your guest list pared down to one, you’ll do it. Needless to say, your best bet is to get what you need, make your apologies to anyone who’s expecting you, and stick as close as you can to home. You definitely won’t get any arguments from your companion.

On to other OTHER things…

Today was nice… Elowee went back to work, I attended a talk done by a speaker NOT from our business unit and was able to complete so many performance evaluations (that’s what happens when I’m part of a meeting wherein I don’t talk for an entire hour).  The only low point was probably that little incident with our Administrative group.

A little background?  As part of our standard processes, Team Managers are now required to present their team’s metrics every month.  For some unknown reason, I always end up fixing all the logistics for this (okay, okay, I know the reason – I’m really good with logistics and I’m so perfect for these things because I’m so incredibly anal… but this was something I initiated doing once.  Apparently, everyone just expects it to happen every month now).  Two weeks prior to the scheduled date, I had the rooms reserved and sent out the available slots to the managers.  Last week, I bugged the managers until they gave me their TMs’ preferred schedules.  I worked out the kinks (conflicting preferences) and finalized everything.  Now that I think about it… up until the day that they enter the presentation venue and panel, the managers actually don’t do anything about these OBRs.  Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I “accidentally” forget to reserve a room… or if I stop bugging them about the schedules.  Hmmm…

Anyway, so even before the last weekend came, everything was READY.  Today, the first presenter asked me where the reviews were being done.  I looked up the confirmation sent by Admin and told him.  And then he tells me, “Boss, there’s someone there”.  I knew that one of our sister accounts had clients on-site so I kinda figured that they moved my reservation (because I got the best conference room in the building) to another room to give them priority.  That happened all the time and, had that been the case, I really wouldn’t have minded.

But that WASN’T the case.

The case was they completely cancelled my reservation, gave it to someone else and DID NOT EVEN BOTHER TO INFORM ME.  I can take the red tape.  I can take not being the priority.  But when you screw up plans that have been carefully planned which involves other account officers, that it a whole other matter.

I’m anal.  I know it, too, but I’m not beyond adjusting to plans that have been previously made or events that are more important than mine.  But would it really have been too much for them to open up a new email template and tell me that my reservation had been given to someone else?

The least that I expected was for them to have moved my reservation to another room.  I didn’t even get THAT.

They were lucky that they found a training room available for today and tomorrow for the business reviews.  I was planning to raise hell about what happened today… and we all know that wouldn’t have been a pretty scene.

Lucky, lucky, lucky them.


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