To Bulacan and Back

I needed something to start me out… so here are what the stars say for me today…

The Bottom Line

A relationship is a fine balance. Right now, it’s necessary to look at the scales.

In Detail

You believe that you’ve spent far too long on this project, waiting for someone to come around to your way of thinking. You also believe that, given enough time, you could convince anyone of anything — and that includes this stubborn soul. You’re right on both counts. If you hadn’t been quite so eager to change minds, you probably could have pulled this project off alone. As it is, you needed help because you got distracted. But who could blame you?

I wanted to start writing yesterday when I got home, but I could barely keep my eyes open (although I did attempt to watch some TV).  It’s been a great weekend so far… and I was able to get a half-day extension!

Straight from shift, I jumped into a shower and took off for Bulacan yesterday.  Trying to be pragmatic, I had my glasses on, not wanting to get to that point wherein I had to peel my contacts from my eyeballs (and I wanted to look pretty in pictures).  We (Boyfriend, Vekkie and I) had 3 things on our agenda:

  1. To attend Kiko’s christening
  2. To buy uber-big bangus
  3. To have our hair done

We were able to do 2 out of 3, which wasn’t so bad, but we did get a couple of things that we weren’t expecting…

  • I was finally able to visit the kubo that everyone keeps talking about.  There was no electricity but it was such peaceful place.  And no one made me walk in the mud (haller, it literally a half-hectar of plants.  It was part of a farm, what do you expect?).  Yay!
  • Jaemie was there.
  • The food at the reception was really good.  That’s surprising because I almost never have good comments to say about catered food.  The pasta (although I couldn’t tell what the sauce and toppings were) was al dente.  The vegetables were tasty (the only thing I wasn’t particularly crazy about was the mussel meat).  The rolled meat (I don’t know what it’s called) was great – all the flavors were very balanced and the beef in the Beef and Broccoli was tender.  It was the real food of Bulacan – all big flavors and big servings.
  • The water!  It was high tide yesterday and the water was entering the trike that we took to get back to the Bayan.  I was okay, being inside the tricycle cab with Boyfried.  Vekkie, however was riding behind the driver (he did this because we couldn’t fit inside – me and him – and I was the smallest of three of us).
  • Let and V are now friends (this happened instantaneously)
  • I met Buddy!
  • My new hair.  My new hair is soooo cool!!!

On the way back to Manila, we did get to ride on an air conditioned bus.  I didn’t even stay awake long enough to wait for the bus to leave.  When I woke up, we were already near the toll and it was around 50 minutes later.  When we got back to Manila, we got off near Timog and took a cab the rest of the trip.  Boyfriend and I took V home and had dinner in Megamall.

It was almost 10:30 pm when we walked through the front door.

I was awake for 33 hours.  And the last thought that I had was “I better get to the game on time tomorrow”.

Big haha.



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  2. Maybe you could make changes to the post name title To Bulacan and Back Amor Vincit Omnia to more catching for your webpage you create. I liked the the writing still.

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