Random Ramblings (07.27.09)

I’m on halfday leave today (yay!) and don’t have to be in the office until around 11:00 pm. If I didn’t have the FGD with Master Wong, I would have turned it into a whole day leave.

Anyway, here are my star signs to start things off…

The Bottom Line

Hemming and hawing gets you nowhere. Make a clear decision — you’ll learn a lot.

In Detail

Intimacy isn’t something that comes easily to you. At least not now that you’ve had time to tuck a couple of years under your belt and learn how fickle some people can be. There’s someone in your life at the moment, however, who seems not just sincere, but also legitimately interested in you. At this point, you can trust your own judgment and you know it.

A little update on my ever-exciting life…

I played a five-set volleyball game yesterday. It was a fight for third place in our annual sportsfest and there were only 6 players who showed up. Akalain mong tatagal kami ng 6 sets? We lost, but it was a good game.

I have to say, though, that the Emerson game was better. Because there were no substitutes last Sunday, it just got to a point where I kind of felt some players just wanted to game to end, so it didn’t really matter whether they did the right thing or not. Okay… so it wasn’t some players, it was just one player. No harm, no foul, though. But I honestly wasn’t ready to lose. I cried at the water fountain (super secretly) after the last set.

Checked FS last night and found Oye to have approved my friend request. She just passed her nursing licensure exam (and how did I know? Because it was her handle in Fb and in FS) and was obviously very, very proud of herself. I also added Kicci to my FS friends. She’s already in my Fb list. I just checked my FS account today and found her to have already accepted my request. Oan, Oye’s sister, is already my friend in Fb. There’s this guy (I think) who’s named his FS account as THE AVENGER and he’s added me as a friend. I’m still debating whether I should accept, reject or leave it pending for life.

Oooooh… and last night I found out that Sid Xyringe’s real name is Ramiel Trono. He’s got accounts on Fb, FS, RAM and IMEEM. Hehehe… see? I told you I should have been a PI.

Big haha.


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