Random Ramblings (08.03.09)


The Bottom Line

Your intense emotions are mellowing out today, which should make today very easy.

In Detail

Why are you trying so hard to be modest about all of your accomplishments? It makes no sense to be humble now. Let everyone know how proud you are of yourself — you’ll get no denials from anyone! You will join the ranks of friends in high places, because your credibility and influence are about to increase dramatically. Start acting and looking the part. It’s a great time to invest in building your wardrobe into something more impressive.


I miss watching Boyz II Men.  The next time I go to a DVD place, I’ll make sure to start looking for concerts.  Ooohh… Chris Daughtry has a new song out.  It’s called “No Surprise” and sounds great!

I’m not in the greatest of places today… maybe later will be a little better.

Holed up in: Our Bedroom in Colorado

Drowning in: No Surprise – Chris Daughtry


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