Random Ramblings (08.04.09)

I put in two star sign readings today – one for Pisces and one for Scorpio. Maybe I should rotate each sign with mine… Let’s see if I can maintain that. Anyway…

✰✰✰ Pisces ✰✰✰

The Bottom Line

Think things through: your analytical and intuitive sides need to find balance.

In Detail

Lately you may feel like your brain is acting like a TiVo on steroids, and recording and remembering all sorts of junk that crosses your path. Sit down and toss anything that isn’t absolutely necessary to finishing up the tasks at hand. Use this high-flying energy to get things done and move projects into the finished pile. Writing down ideas that you come across is a great idea, too — you can get started on them later, when you’re a little more focused.

✰✰✰ Scorpio ✰✰✰

The Bottom Line

It’s time to finish up some unfinished business with one of your older relatives.

In Detail

Crowds have never been high on your list of things you love, and that’s especially true right now — you need solitude to contemplate some changes that need to be made. Certain stubborn habits have become ingrained in your personality, and it’s making you feel rigid in lifestyle choices that you aren’t sure suit you as well as they did a few years ago. Take some time on your own to think things over


I tried out that new application that they have in Fb to check on you “stalkers” and came up with this list…

1. Jutes Ramos

2. Ley Cabangon

3. Cho Paguio

4. Wilmar Salvani

5. Ron Bustos

6. Boris Santillan

7. David Chaingan

8. Miss Yolly

9. Helden Ramos

10. Bev Ko

11. Nathan Espino

12. Dave Si

13. Mey Espinol

14. Marky Abril

15. Leo Vallenova

16. Boyfriend

17. Claudia Bersola

18. Reychelle Inumerable

19. Roland Matanza

20. Ate Cynthia

21. Kaisei Coronel

22. Gigi Abong

23. Sherwin Torres

24. Pao Paule

25. Mama Mia

Hmmm… quite poppy, aren’t I?


Holed Up In: Our bedroom in Colorado

Drowning In: Silence 🙂


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