… is SLIGHTLY Irritated

Yes, that’s what I REALLY want to put in facebook as my handle.  Took all of my willpower not to post it, too… so I decided to post it here.

Big Haha…

Why?  It’s such a shallow thing that I know I’ll look back at this one day and just laugh it off, but right now, I’m happily giving in to my ill feelings of slight annoyance.  You see, I’ve got this friend – okay, she’s not my friend, so she’s a non-friend – in facebook.  I added her because she’s friends with Boyfriend and so I wanted reach out and tried to make nice.  Okay, okay, so I did it because I like meddling into other people’s lives.  And I’m snoopy too (oh… ehm… gee… I just turned myself into a beagle).  Anyhoo… we’ve got an app in Fb that allows you to “own” your friends.  Obviously, when I first used that app, I only ever bought one friend – Boyfriend.

And then people started migrating to Fb because, well, that’s just the way Filipinos are.  When there’s a trend, everyone’s got to follow like they’re going to wither away and die if they don’t.  Excuse me, but I opened my Fb account a year ago… When everyone else was mad about Friendster and only quite a few people knew about it.  I (pause for emphasis) am an Original.


Going back…

Anyway, Roxanne then buys Boyfriend from me.  Fb is rude that way – it doesn’t ask the current owner if she accepts the payment or not – friends just automatically goes to the highest bidder.  I, because there is not other term to describe me but “mahilig pumatol” (I so can’t find an english translation for that), immediately buy him back.  So that lasts for a couple of weeks and then she goes and buys him again.  I, again – for no other reason but not being able to help myself – buys him back.  And then it stays that way for another couple of days.

When I logged on today, Fb sends me a notification that Boyfriend has been bought from me!  Again!  By ROXANNE!!! Grrrr… (Note to Fb – if you had asked me if it was okay the first time around, this would never have happened) This is the third time!  ‘Dette, get a hint!  You are seriously starting to annoy me.

Get a hint… Get a hint… Get a hint…

I will so not let you buy him from me!  I will first hunt you down and slash you into a million little pieces before I let it happen.  And I will tell my friends about you.  And all my friends bite.  So there.

And you have to admit… I am just SLIGHTLY irritated.



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