Random Ramblings (08.12.09)

Okay, okay… so it’s been a couple of days since I last wrote…  I actually have a number of posts in my drafts – I just really have to find the time to finish writing most of it.  It’s not even that I’ve been uber busy (I am, but not to the point that I’ve become socially retarded)… I’ve just been a little out of sorts lately.

Updates?  Well, let’s start with our usual first: Star Signs!!! 🙂

The Bottom Line

Keep going!  You’re feeling a stronger connection growing with someone lately.

In Detail

Each and every word you utter right now will have a solid, grounded tone to it.  So when you’re asked for your opinion – and even when you’re not – you’ll be more than happy to give it.  Everyone’s ears are wide open and waiting for your words of wisdom.  If they disagree, the certainly won’t utter their dissension.  Use your verbal momentum to elicit change today.

My interpretation?  Today is the day to be super mahadera!  Big haha…

I ran my Leadership Class last Friday and couldn’t have been happier about the outcome.  We’ve got Day 2 scheduled for next week and I can only hope that we end it as well as we started.  I like this whole module-making thing.  I enjoy designing the slides, as well as preparing the materials.  Whoever would have thought that I would have come up with a 20-page booklet for (almost) all the participants? =P

Ooooh, I met up with Ley last Saturday.  It’s funny how we reconnected – going on with our lives as if there was a perfectly sane explanation for not keeping in touch since 2000.  We blended into each other’s lives as though it was normal for two girls who virtually grew up together to completely ignore each other for nearly ten years just to come up with more things to share the next time they met.  Our catching up meeting was exactly that – a really nice dinner in Green Tomato, dessert in Figaro (finally!) and a loooong visit to Fully Booked.  I like hanging out with Ley – she’s not the type of person that you have to shower with attention every single second of the day.  She’s an intellectually stimulating person to talk to (haller! lawyer!) and there isn’t so much drama.  I mean, she’s got her share, but you know those conversations that go around and around and around because emotionally victimized people whine and swim around in a pool of self pity but absolutely refuses to get out of it? Those are exhausting.

I don’t think Kristina was very happy about the whole dinner thing.  I haven’t seen her since that drinking session in Manda, and honestly, I really have no intention of being all closey-closey to her again.  You know that emotionally victimized person who whines and swims around a pool of self pity but absolutely refuses to get out of it?  That’s her.  And I know she wonders why I stay away.  And  I wish that I could tell her the real answer.  “Don’t you get it?  It’s you.”

I stayed in bed from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon.  It’s not something that I’m particularly proud about – but I got sick and could really stand up for most of the time, so what can I do?  I went to work yesterday because I didn’t want to use up any of my remaining sick days, but the temperature in the office is making it so hard.  I still feel sick in my tummy – and whether it’s a strange case of food poisoning (which apparently only I acquired), a tummy flu or some other sickness, I don’t know.  For most part, my tummy hurts… and now I eat doubly slow because I need to make sure that everything goes down.

Oooooh… Psycho moment!  I added Reneeca Trono in my Facebook Friends List (FFL) a couple of days ago.  Today, when I logged in, she already approved my request, giving me full access to her account.  It isn’t much, but she’s got a several pictures uploaded – one of which showed her wearing a shirt, shorts and these lovely, lovely brown ankle boots.  The foot wear was to die for!  Note to self: must find out which UST college has a uniform that looks like everyone’s going to become a stewardess someday.  Sorry, I couldn’t think of the politically correct term.


Holed Up in Our Room in Colorado

Drowning in The Hum of the AC


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