18th Aug 2009

I get quotations through SMS from my friends on a daily basis and I’ve always wondered what I want to do with it.  There was a time when I wanted to write them down in this really cool journal that Boyfriend got for me at the beginning of the year.  Very quickly, however, I found this to be very ineffective because being the obsessive-compulsive person that I am, I have to be able to maintain my penmanship and make sure that it sounds pretty.  Unfortunately, that’s very hard to go, given that my hand easily hurts when I’m holding a pen (I’d rather color for days than write longhand for an hour).

So now that I’ve got this great space going, I’ve decided to migrate all my quotes here.  That’s also going to save me a lot of phone memory.

Here are some for today, as well as a couple that I’ve been able to keep after the reformatting of my phone.

  • “The only person that deserves you is the one who will stick by your side no matter how much you mess up and the one who will forgive you… mistake after mistake.” – Peehpoe Alati-it, 08160
  • “PERFECT is not when two gorgeous people are together… It’s when you’re both opposite but in that way you both complete each other” – Peehpoe Alati-it, 081609
  • “Happy is the person who does not show hatred over what is lost, instead, he shows gratefulness over what is left” – Peehpoe Alati-it, 081709

Blessed Be…


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