Craving for Pineapples on Bread

I spent most of today in bed, unable to get up and feeling queasy.  It’s better now – at least I’m upright – so I coerced Boyfriend to let me stay up and watch the episodes of Lipstick Jungle that I coerced him to download for me.  It was the first episode of their second season that I was able to watch first.  Given my less than ordinary work hours, it’s somehow become a challenge for me to figure out the permanent schedules of some shows.  Wait, all shows.  Needless to say, I missed all of Season One and didn’t really get into it until the second season started.  Boyfriend just came out of the bathroom announcing that Lipstick Jungle’s been cancelled and I won’t be seeing a third season.  I have to believe him – he’s likes googling these things.

Anyway, somewhere in the middle of season 1, episode 2, I started craving for Yellow Cab’s version of a Hawaiian Delight.  Boyfriend and I have recently replaced our usual order (Manhattan Meatlovers) for something less expensive and, apparently, just as appetizing.  It’s the pineapples.  I like its contrast to the saltiness of the bacon.  I also like how it’s texture contrasts that of the cheese.

Brooke Shield’s character looks most out of place in Lipstick Jungle – or maybe I’m just biased because hers is the character that I like least.  I love Kim Raver’s frame and Lindsey Price’s version of art.  Shield’s character like is the third person that just has to be there so that the cast can be considered complete.  If it is true that this series isn’t getting a third season, it’s sad… but completely understandable.  This reminds me that I have to write about watching Visionaries and all the weird insights that I got viewing it again after 20 years.

Star Signs

The Bottom Line

You haven’t seen a friend for a while, and they are eager to hear from you today.

In Detail

Despite what the calendar says, you’ve still got plenty of time to reach the goal you’ve given yourself. Do not give up just because you think you won’t make it! Most of what you need to do is already done, so pace your day and keep things at an easy, controlled tempo. There’s no telling what other people are up to, so if you’re dying to find out, ask! You have a healthy curiosity and a witty way of feeding it. Charm the answers out of everyone!

Till next time…

Holed Up In: The Living Room

Drowning In: Dialogues from Lipstick Jungle


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