24 (The Comeback)

I spent the day doing one or a combination of these things:

  • Checked my online accounts (and quickly gave up on this since Friendster was experiencing some error earlier and I have completely no patience about these sort of things)
  • Watched 24 (Sixth season… I’ve had a copy of it since mid-summer, but after watching 5 seasons straight, I opted to take a break.  For about a third of a year)
  • Watched Criminal Minds (Fourth Season… bought the third a couple of weekends ago and finished watching it some days ago.  The last episode of season 3 is GREAT.  There’s just no other way to describe it.)
  • Played Sims3 (God game… do I really need to say anything else?)

I’ve presently gone back to watching 24.  I’m at episode 19, if I’m not mistaken.  Honestly, it took me a while to get into this particular season, but by the time I was watching episode 3 or 4, I was hooked all over again.  They’ve made a couple of character changes and most, if not all, have worked out nicely so far.

In season 6, Wayne Palmer has been elected President.  Considering that the whole thing started with his brother being in the same position, this Palmer holds a weak comparison to what his assassinated brother was.  He had his moments, I have to give him that, but as of episode 18, I think he’s been permanently taken out of the show.  Obviously, I still think that David Palmer was the best President this show’s ever had and still could not accept that they killed him off (such parallelism to my feelings regarding Albus Dumbledore’s demise).

Jack’s family had their stint.  His brother, Graem, was partly responsible for the assassination of David Palmer and has been supplying the terrorists with the bombs.  Their father is trying to look for the Russian man whose name I have forgotten and, at numerous times, that “no life is too important to sacrifice for the company he spent the last 12 years building”.  This was particularly true when Father Bauer threatened to kill his own grandson if Jack and his sister-in-law (who, apparently, was with Jack prior to marrying his brother and might not still be over him) did not cooperate.  As of the middle of the episode, Gream is dead (killed by his father) and Father Bauer has disappeared.

Miles O’Brian has become a mainstay on the show.  He and ex-wife Chloe (who now has a head of brown hair, which infinitely suits her better than being blonde) are currently in a really bad situation after she said that they “do not help terrorists arming bombs”, referring to when Miles was held hostage by Fayed and was forced to arm the nuclear bombs that he had in his possession.

Karen Hayes is now married to Bill Buchanan, who recently stepped down as Director of CTU after being fired by his wife.  There hasn’t been any scenes showing him and Karen being together after he left CTU.  Nadia Yasir (newcomer, I think) is not acting Director.  She reminds me of Sean McAstin’s character when first coming into CTU as Buchanan’s replacement.  It makes me wonder if she’s have the same fate as McAstin’s character (whose name escapes me at the moment).  One thing’s for sure… she’s no Nina Myers (and I don’t mean that in a good way).

Milo the tech guy is back and is now apparently head of the people-really-smart-with-computers on the show.  Mike Doyle, a previous colleague of his or something, has also been introduced in this season.  He starts off being a smart ass but then becomes an advocate of doing what is “right”, even if that meant not following protocol.

Oh, yes, Audrey Raines is apparently still alive, being re-introduced in the plot on episode 18, I think.  She was apparently captured by the Chinese after she went to Beijing.  She was looking for Jack because she would believe that he was dead.  Right now she’s back in the hands of CTU but shows no sign of rational thinking.

Jack Bauer, of course, is still the star of the show.  So far, he’s been able to save America from Middle Eastern terrorists, detonate a bomb with instructions from Chloe, ambush the Russian embassy, been declared a hero, blackmailed, arrested, escaped, taken into custody and has managed to make Audrey Raines mutter the word “Bloomberg”, which is what CTU is now convinced is being used as the base of operations by the Chinese.

True to form of what 24 has been known for, the twists in the story have been unpredictable and unexpected.  It should be an interesting journey to episode 24.

And after all this, I have Heroes (Season 3), 24 (Season 7), Lipstick Jungle (Season 1) and Criminal Minds (Season 4) to look forward to.  And there’s always G.I. Joe for the weekend.

Holed Up in Our Room in Colorado

Drowning in A Combination of Dialogues from 24 and the Humming of the AC

Blessed Be.


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