“Your Sister is So Dead to Me Now”

Despite real-life drama to which the title of this post would be so apt, I actually got this from the TV series Privileged.  Boyfriend and I, instead of pushing through with our original plan to having dinner and then watching a movie, decided to proceed to St. Francis Square to ferret out some DVDs.  Privileged (we first saw the pilot episode on ETC) was only one of the twelve DVDs we ended up buying.  The others were…

  • CSI: Las Vagas, Seasons 8 & 9
  • Biography (containing an episode on the Red Hot Chili Peppers & The Beatles’ Women)
  • Supernatural (Seasons 1 to 4)
  • How I Met Your Mother (Seasons 1 to 4)

I can feel a lot of entries following this, each one talking about one of the above-mentioned shows.  Today, however, is going to be about Privileged.  It’s slightly reminiscent of The O.C., being located in Palm Springs and filled with uber-rich people.  The plot’s got an interesting twist to it, though.  And there are some characters that are just to die for… and to think that I’m presently just watching episode 3.

Joanna Garcia as Megan Smith

Joanna Garcia as Megan Smith

Let’s start with the main character, Megan Smith.  She’s an uber-smart Yale graduate who wants to be a “serious” writer.  Unfortunately, life doesn’t turn out the way she thought it would be after collage and ends up working in an tabloid magazine for 10 months.  After being let go from that job, she gets endorsed to an opening in Palm Springs.  Arriving via a private plane and a limousine, she meets Laurel Limoge, a woman of the world.  Madame Limoge is also grandmother to two teenagers: Rose and Sage.  Megan then realizes that the position that she has just been accepted to was being a tutor.

Lucy Hale as Rose Baker

Lucy Hale as Rose Baker

Rose is the younger of the Baker sisters and shows a little more acceptance of Megan’s sudden existence in their household.  She has expressed her desire to get into Duke, the college that Laurel wants for her grand daughters, believing that it would have made her deceased mother proud.  As of the beginning of episode 3, however, she has been told by their headmaster that due to her poor academic performance, she would need to repeat freshman year.

Ashley Newbrough as Sage Baker

Ashley Newbrough as Sage Baker

Sage is Rose’s older sister.  She’s less tolerant of Megan – to the point that she’s gone out of her way to go against most of Megan’s attempts to tutor them.  She briefly succeeds in getting Megan fired on the first episode, but after she was reprimanded in front of her grandmother, she realized that her tutor was there to stay.  She’s very protective of Rose and is somewhat offended that her sister is welcoming a stranger into their life.

Anne Archer as Laurel Limoge

Anne Archer as Laurel Limoge

Often described as a ball buster, Laurel Limoge is grandmother to the Baker girls.  She is very forthcoming about the tragedies in her life, as demonstrated by her little speech to Megan 20 seconds after her arrival.  She turned her late husband’s little make-up company into a cosmetics empire.  However, her busy schedule often makes her an absentee guardian to her grand daughters, leaving Megan fill in that role.

Allan Louise as Marco Giordello

Allan Louise as Marco Giordello

Last (for this post anyway), but definitely not list is Marco Giordello, the gay, sarcastic stay-in chef in the Baker household.  I’m not going to go into detail about him because his character is something to be experienced.

And that title?  That’s his line.

Boyfriend and I are on episode 4 now.  Till next time… =p

Holed Up in: Our Room in Colorado

Drowning in: Rantings of Sage Baker

Blessed Be…


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