To He Who is Worthy

And so it was that the Queen of the South became known as the Queen of Sheba, which was to say, the Wise Queen of the people of Sabea.  Her given name was Makeda, which in her own tongue was “the fiery one”.  She was a priestess-queen, dedicated to a goddess of the sun who was known to shine beauty and abundance upon the joyous people known as Sabeans.  They goddess was known as “she who sends forth her strong rays of benevolence.”  Her consort was the mood god and the stars were their children.

The people of Sabea were wise above most others in the world, with an understanding of the influence of the stars and the sanctity of numbers that came from their heavenly deities.  They were called the People of Architecture, and their structures rivaled those of the greatest Egyptians, so astonishing was their understanding of building in stone.  The queen was the founder of great schools to teach such art and architecture, and the sculptors that served her were able to create images of gods and med in stone that were of exceptional beauty.  Her people were literate and committed to the written word and the glory of writing.  Poetry and song flourished within her compassionate realm.

A virtuous people were the Sabeans.  Their fiery sun queen reigned in her kingdo, with warmth, light, and love, and they were therefore possessed every kind of abundance: love, joy, fertility, wisdom, as well as all the gold and jewels, anyone could require.  Because they never doubted the existence of abundance, they were never knew a day of want.  It was the most golden of kingdoms.

It came to pass that the great King Solomon learned of this unparalleled Queen Makeda by virtue of a prophet who advised him, “A woman who is your equal and counterpart reigns in a faraway land of the South.  You would learn much from her, and she from you.  Meeting her is your destiny.”  Solomon did not, at first, believe that such a woman could exist, but his curiosity caused him to send an invitation for her, a request to visit his own kingdom on holy Mount Sion.  The messengers who came to Sabea to advise the great and fiery Queen Makeda of Solomon’s invitation discovered that his wisdom was already legendary in her land, as was the splendor of his court, and she had awareness of him.  Her own prophetess had foreseen that she would one day travel far to find the kind with whom she would perform the hieros-gamos, the sacred marriage that combined the body with the mind and spirit in the act of divine union.  He would be the twin brother of her soul, and she would become his sister-bride, halves of the same whole, complete only in their coming together.

But the Queen of Sheba was not a woman easily won and would not give herself in so sacred a union to any but the man she would recognize as a part of her soul.  As she made the great trek to Mount Sion with her camel train, Makeda devised a series of tests and questions that she would put to the king.  His answers to these would determine if he was her equal, her own soul’s twin, conceived as one at the dawn of eternity.

For those with ears to hear, let them hear it.

The Legend of Solomon and Sheba,

Part One, as preserved in the Libro Rosso

The Book of Love,

Pages 27 to 28

Blessed Be…


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