Family Secrets

Mother send an SMS a couple of days ago, asking if she could borrow some money.  I asked her how much she needed, thinking that it would only be around five grand (which is already a little steep, considering my expenses).  She answered.

15 thousand pesos.

I didn’t have that kind of money.  Earlier today, she sent me another message, saying that she needed to help pay for her niece’s tuition feel.  And that if I couldn’t lend her the money, she would go to Andy.

Emotional blackmail much?

I sent her a message saying that I could lend her money, but that I wouldn’t be able to come up with 15 thousand.  Mother sent an SMS saying that it was okay.  I could just lend her 10 thousand and asked what time she could meet me tonight to get the money.

Assuming much?  I’m very tempted to ask her to just go to my cousin.

Let her ask for money from the people who actually have it.  Ano feeling nya?  Pinipitas lang ang 15k sa puno?  Let her explain why she needs the money (because they cut off her salary) and let them find out who I really am and what kind of life I’ve really lived.

I’m tired of covering up, of pretending to be this whole other person because I’m afraid that they would judge me.  Maybe I’ve come to the point wherein I don’t really care if they thought I was a disappointment.  In case anyone’s forgotten, I cut off all communication between my father’s family and myself for more than ten years.  If I could to my father’s side, I could do it to them.

Maybe I am resentful… Ungrateful.  But at least I’m not a hypocrite.

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