The B Shift

The Bottom Line

Today, it’s about listening to others. Try not to impose your opinions on people.

In Detail

All that hard work you’ve been doing lately hasn’t gone unnoticed in the eyes of the powers that be. You could be due for a raise, promotion or bonus — so even if you have plans immediately afterward, dress in your best businesslike outfit for work today. You’re about to have your 15 minutes, and you know you’ve earned it. Feel free to strut your stuff. And don’t forget to celebrate.

Pisces (Feb 22 to Mar 19)

Pisces (Feb 22 to Mar 19)

It’s been a while.  I know.  I’ve been going to the office at 3:00 pm, and that means that I get off at midnight, get home at a little before one o’clock.  Boyfriend and I have the same shift, but he prefers having 8 hours of sleep, so it’s lights out by around 2:30 am.  That doesn’t exactly give me a lot of time to write.

Anyway, it’s not because I don’t have a lot to write about – SO many juicy stuff has happened – the fault is technically mine.  I’ve been feeling lazy these past couple of days.  I guess getting up at noon on a daily basis has its consequences.  It’s the first weekend after the change of schedule and even now, I can still feel the laziness all the way to my fingers.

And for that, until next time…

Holed Up in Our Room in Colorado

Drowning in Dialogue from How I Met Your Mother, Season 1

Blessed Be…


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