There is a Land Called Passive Aggressiva…

… and I am their queen.

I picked that line up from Grey’s Anatomy.  Season 2, if I’m not mistaken – which, again, reminds me that I really should start watching the rest of Season 5.  And cry buckets and buckets of tears.  I’ve gotten hooked on How I Met Your Mother (Boyfriend and I should technically be done with all the completed seasons but he refuses to watch the last couple of episodes of Season 4) and Supernatural (Boyfriend doesn’t watch this) and have kind of forgotten about some of the other things that I used to watch.  Maybe it’s time to rekindle my relationships with Christina and Miranda (Grey’s Anatomy), Haley and Payton (One Tree Hill) and Addison (Private Practice).  But then again, I still have seasons 8 and 9 of CSI: Las Vagas to watch.  And just because I’m writing, I have to put this down.  I hate Jorja Fox’s character.  I wish she were dead.  Haha…

Another thing… here’s what my horoscope from Friendster say:

The Bottom Line

The stars are playing mom. Are you eating right? Exercising? Wearing a sweater?

In Detail

Some of the people around you are moving into exciting changes, and their happiness is contagious. Volunteer to help them with any finishing touches and get in on the good karma they’re enjoying. You are as happy for them as you would be for yourself in this situation, and your generous spirit is helping them enjoy their success. Not everyone can be this big hearted, and they appreciate your support. This is a growth phase for your relationships.

Boyfriend, although not ecstatically happy, is probably the only one of my 6-degrees who’s going through “exciting changes”, so I’m thinking it might be about him.  Lines 3 and 4 are so not true – not because I don’t want him to have new friends or that I don’t like this particular group of unknown people.  It’s just not me.  I’m incredibly proud of him and I’m glad that things seem to be working out with the whole Convergys thing… but I’m not about to go jumping up and down about it.  Not my style.  As I’ve told my mentees, time and time again… my particular brand of humor is very dry and often times very sarcastic.  So no abnormal amounts of happiness for me.

Admittedly, what happened last Friday was most definitely not one his shining moments of glory, but it wasn’t so bad.  Honestly?  I wasn’t mad.  I was just disappointed that I had to wait for 4 hours for him to show up… and made my friends wait along with me.  But it wasn’t a biggie so that blew over quick.  I have no strangely irrational irritation with this particular group of unknowns.  Let’s hope they someday turn into “Knowns” and that the feeling remains the same.  Oh, and just because we’re on the topic, I was checking out Boyfriend’s new friends on Facebook and found his trainer (I think) to be friends with one of my high school classmates.  Small world.

And then there was today.  I came home feeling slightly annoyed.  I signed up for a bunch of account interviews, you see.  You get it – trying to put my name on lights without the annoying the rest of the world.  Anyway, I thought that Boyfriend would be keeping the same schedule next week, so I agreed to conduct interviews from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am (which means that I will be in a horrible, horrible mood for the most of next week).  Anyway, I later on found out that they might be changing schedules.  So I ask him if he could ask a little earlier what next week’s time will be.

“Di ko alam.”

Seriously?  Dude, you think you can try just a little bit harder?  It’s one question.  Would it have been so hard to respond with “Ay, I don’t know, pero I’ll try to ask.”  Haller?  Girlfriend trying to adjust here.  And no, I will not go into a soliloquy about the things I’ve done to make my schedule fit yours.  Digging up past issues is so 2007.  But I’ll never tell him that.  All the sassiness and the wittily-written comments apparently stop here.  In person I will be professional, polite and sweet (I couldn’t resist)… and passive aggressive.

Big Haha..

Holed Up in Our Room in Colorado

Drowning in the Hum of the AC

Blessed Be…

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