Calls of Nature

Strangely enough, I did not dream of Rachelle earlier.  Instead, I dreamt of her sister, Reneeca.

I was at a beach… I don’t recognize the place, but it looked a little like something out of Pirates.  There was a giant crab that we found on its back (and when I say giant, I mean wider than a sedan), which later on flipped over and scuttled away.  The only other person I remember from the dream was Gigi.

Anyway, I saw her as she walked past the doorway.  I asked for her name (as if I didn’t know) and who she was looking for.  It turned out she was looking for Boyfriend.  I didn’t mind, actually.  So we had a real semi-conversation and all’s well that ends well.  She looked exactly like her primary pic in Facebook.  If I put a picture of her here, it would be the one where she had these awesome boots on.  I absolutely loved her look in this photo (she’s the one on the right).

Some other things…

I had a bit of a chat with Roxanne today, though the IM feature of Facebook.  Here’s the whole of our conversation:


joey qustion pag ka b nagpost ka tas ni remove mu sa wall mu s profile mu ndi na mag appear sa wall?!



dapat hindi na

ang alam ko sa profile mo tatanggalin yun

hindi ako sure kung meh option to remove sa wall eh



btw, meh nipost akong bulletin sa fs… meh opening yng account namin

baka meh kakilala kang type mag call center




ahhh try ko mag ask hehe



hehe… salamat!

Wasn’t that nice?  Actually, I’m really not that bad… 😉

And just because I’m running out of time, here’s my star stuff for today…

The Bottom Line

You are projecting an aura of calm confidence today — who cares if it’s bravado?

In Detail

The pace of the day will be fast — but you’ll love every minute of it. For a while now you’ve been itching for the people around you to pick up the pace, and you will definitely get your wish now. You will be in the middle of the action, playing conductor to a mad bunch of musicians who won’t always follow your lead. Humor will be a useful tool for getting what you want from people who don’t want to appear to be under your thumb. Reverse psychology will work wonders with a younger frien

Catch y’all later!


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