A Leaf from Solomon’s Book

Okay… so I haven’t exactly been faithful to this site.  I keep meaning to write something but, for some reason, am unable to find to do so.  It’s the night shift, I’m telling you.  I actually abhor going on the night shift.

Anyway, I started reading Dan Brown’s new book, “The Lost Symbol” last weekend.  David was nice enough to sell his second copy for Php750 (it’s Php950 in Powerbooks.  Boyfriend checked) so I didn’t even have to go the mall.  I laid off it for a couple of days, however, because I initially didn’t get into it the way the same way I did with the Da Vinci Code.  From a completely personal point of view, the book feels a little different.  It actually feels more like a James Rollins book (which made me miss Grayson Pierce, Painter Crowe and Seichan).  Maybe it’s because it’s about Freemasonry – something I’m not too familiar with – but I just couldn’t get into it right away.

But today, after 110 chapters, I read something that just completely blew me away.


“… Timing aside,” Solomon said, “I find it wondrous to note that throughout history, all of mankind’s disparate philosophies have all concurred on one thing – that a great enlightenment is coming.  In every culture, in every era, in every corner of the world, the human dream has focused on the same exact concept – the coming apotheosis of man… the impending transformation of our human minds into their true potentiality.”  He smiled.  “What could possibly explain such a synchronicity of beliefs?”

Truth,” said a quiet voice in the crowd.

Solomon wheeled.  “Who said that?”

The hand that went up belonged to a tiny Asian boy whose soft features suggested he might be Nepalese or Tibetan.  “Maybe there is a universal truth embedded in everyone’s soul.  Maybe we all have the same story hiding inside, like a shared constant in our DNA.  Maybe this collective truth is responsible for the similarity in all of our stories.”

Solomon was beaming as he pressed his hands together and bowed reverently to the boy.  “Thank you.”

Everyone was quiet.

“Truth,” Solomon said, addressing the room.  “Truth has power.  And if we all gravitate toward similar ideas, maybe we do so because those ideas are true… written deep within us.  And when we hear the truth, even if we don’t understand it, we feel that truth resonate within us… vibrating with our unconscious wisdom.  Perhaps the truth is not learned by us, but rather, the truth is re-called… re-membered… re-cognized… as that which is already inside us.”

The Lost Symbol

Page 409


It’s comforting, somehow, to think that there is a great truth inside me… and that whenever a great moment of enlightenment is about to occur, a great darkness is always there to push against it.  The darkness still finds me every so often, and there are days when it just becomes so hard to find a way out of it.  What I read – it gives me hope to believe that the light may be just around the corner.

There are days when I think that there are so many things that I want to believe in.  Today I just want to believe that one day everything will be alright.

Holed Up in Our Room in Colorado

Drowning in Dialogue from Mental (Season 1, Episode 5)

Blessed Be…


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