Boyfriend and I have been working different shifts for the last week, so we made it a point to spend the weekend together.  Our day today was really simple – just lunch, hanging out with some of his officemates and a bit of a shopping spree in Metrowalk.  We were able to get copies of the following:

Desperate Housewives (Season 4 & 5)

I was reading up on it on the net the other day when I suddenly realized that the 6th season’s already being shown in the states and I haven’t even finished season 4.  I had the incomplete copy of episodes once upon a time – that was when the writers’ strike happened – but never really found the time to go looking for a complete copy.  Today, I finally found it.  I’m currently on the second episode and in the process of remembering the few episodes that I was able to watch.

Gossip Girl (Season 2)

Just like those seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and House, Boyfriend decided to download the episodes to save us the trouble of going out and buying it.  Unfortunately, the downloaded episodes haven’t been converted yet, making them unwatchable.  Season 3 started a couple of weeks ago – because of the erratic schedule, I’ve been able to catch the mid-morning reruns on ETC – and it made me wonder how the second season went, seeing that I missed about three-quarters of it.

Private Practice (Season 2)

I miss Addison.  I related to her so well in Grey’s Anatomy (after Christina and her obvious inability to develop people skills, Addison was my second favorite character.  Bitch in heels.  You understand.) I finished season one but never really got around to starting season two (I do remember reading somewhere that season 2 begins with the clinic being in financial problems).  That had somehow gotten brought up during one of our lunch hour discussions and I decided to get myself a copy.

The Mentalist (Season 1)

Honestly?  I have no idea what the show’s all about, but Boyfriend and I have both heard good reviews about it.  As long as it lives up to be a mentally-stimulating show, everything should be fine.

Happy Weekend! =P

Holed Up in Our room in Colorado

Drowning in Dialogue from Desperate Housewives

Blessed Be…


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