Obviously, I took a semi-sabbatical from writing.  Depending on how well you are versed with the events of my life, you’d probably take note of some “coincidences” in terms of timing.  A little over than 2 months have passed, I’ve rewritten some parts of my life and the new year has come… so, here I am. Again 🙂

Just to start things off…

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

As the entries come, you’ll get a little bit more bits and pieces of what’s happened recently.  But for now, I leave you with a list of spoils I acquired this yuletide season:

  • Marks & Spencer Body Wash, Debbie
  • Little 2010 calendar, Giselle*
  • Black Giordano Blouse, Tita Aying & family*
  • Inspirational book & Olive moisturizing cream, Gigi & family
  • Picture Frame, Amaya (from that strange version of Kris Kringle that we played)
  • Shoulder bag and Aromatic oil burner, Tita Delia
  • Black Chloe bag, Maricon & family*
  • Ethnic-style earrings, Nini & family*
  • Bench Body undies, Brian

And, because I’ve saving most of my earnings since I left Sykes, I decided to buy myself a couple of gifts as well (with a lot of encouragement from Brian, of course):

  • Brown suede boots from Prima Donna
  • Black E71 from Nokia

Oh, and, just because it had to be written… I’ve acquired three new Juliet Marillier books:

  • Daughter of the Forest (an eternity of gratitude to Aida for going to five different bookstores to get me this)
  • Son of the Shadows (currently reading)
  • Child of the Prophecy

Happy new year to me!

Holed Up In: Our bedroom in Colorado

Drowning In: Dialogue from High School Musical 2

Blessed Be…


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