A Conversation

Boyfriend was able to download the latest episodes of Brothers & Sisters season 4 and I’ve been spending most of my time in bed, trying to catch up. One of the episodes was about Paige having to complete a science fair project. Things get a little bt complicated when Uncle Kevin tries to help her make her project better because “winning is important”.

Things take a turn for the worse when Paige’s project literally falls apart on the actual day of presentation because of Kevin’s last minute attempt to show up the competition. True to form, this episode contained a lot of insightful conversations between various family members. The conversation, however, that caught my attention was between 12-year-old Paige and 30-something Uncle Kevin. I’m not sure if the world will universally agree to it being inspirational, but it certainly was very honest.

And amusing. Very amusing.


Kevin: There you are. Uh, mind if I join you? We don’t – we don’t have to talk… You can just yell at me. Or, you know, maybe I’ll talk because, Paige, this isn’t really your mom’s fault, okay? It’s my fault and I am really, really, really sorry.

Paige: (silence)

Kevin: You know when I was your age, I was, um, I was teased a lot.

Paige: Because you were gay?

Kevin: Uh, yup, well maybe… Although no one really knew back then. I was a really weird kid. I mean, for my sixth grade talent show I sang a medly from Grease – including the Sandy numbers.

Paige: And you don’t think anyone knew you were gay?

Kevin: That’s not the point. I was trying to prove something.

Paige: That you’re not gay?

Kevin: No. That I… That I wasn’t a dork.

Paige: So my science project was all about your dorkiness?

Kevin: Yeah. Kinda.


It’s better when you’re watching. Seriously.

Enjoy 🙂


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