One Good Night (11/365)

Brian and I went around Megamall yesterday and checked out the art exhibit on one of the upper floors.  It was a really, really good “stroll” – very peaceful and serene.  What I really liked about the exhibit was that taking pictures were allowed.  I went home with a lot of good shots – some of which I decided to modify, of course.  The most striking shots are shown here.



Dancing Butterfly


After getting our fill of Art-gazing, we decided to have dinner at C2.  Of course, we ordered our usual dishes – Binagoongang Lechon Kawali (with the bagoong separated from the actual dish), Ensaladang Talong and Iced Tea.  We order the same things every time and we never get tired of it.  What we did decide to change was the rice – we went with Bagoong Rice this time and it did not disappoint.  If at this point you’re wondering if there are pictures, the answer is no.  As soon as the food was served, we dug right in.

Our last stop for the night was Powerbooks.  My hobby is now to visit bookstores, go around for a couple of hours and go home with a list of books I found interesting.  The list then gets “processed” – and by processed I mean I look for e-book versions and download it.  I would still love to buy all the books I want – I am truly a collector at heart.  Unfortunately, present circumstances would not allow for extravagant spending.  And having Paddy make reading e-books a whole lot easier.

So anyway, based on yesterday’s visit, here’s my list:

  1. Insatiable, Meg Cabot 011611
  2. The Ring of Solomon, Jonathan Stroud
  3. I am Number 4, Pittacus Lore 011611
  4. The Playbook, Barney Stinson
  5. Eon, Alison Goodman
  6. Incarceron, Catherine Fisher
  7. Sapphique, Catherine Fisher
  8. The Grimm Legacy, Polly Shulman
  9. Matched, Ally Condie 011611
  10. Extraordinary, Nancy Werlin
  11. Pegasus, Robin McKinley already in collection
  12. The Hunchback Assignments, Arthur Slade
  13. Have a Little Faith, Mitch Albom
  14. For One More Day, Mitch Albom already in collection
  15. The Woman with Two Navels, Nick Joaquin

I have yet to try to download any of these, but I’m sure I’ll get there one day.  Soon.

And, all in all, yesterday was a good day.  I wish to have many more of these good days.

Blessed Be…


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