The Trouble of Not Being There… (12/365)

Jenn called me up last night, just to update me on what had happened in the office on that one day I was not able to come in for work.  As it turned out, the one day I wasn’t in, Bing decided to look for me.  And, based on what was said, Louie was his usual quiet self.  Dude, I get it.  He’s really like that.  But I don’t like how Jenn had to jump in the conversation because it made me feel like my boss did not do anything to save me from being thrown under the bus.  So a part of me came in to work in trepidation, anticipating what might happen.

Nothing happened.  It’s a quiet day because most of the consultants aren’t here – which, in turn, would explain how I had time to start writing this.

On a more work-related note, I was assigned two clients (which Jenn already told me over the phone), both of whom I’m supposed to call back to schedule qualis (which I’ve never done on my own, by the way).  I called Client A, who specifically said he wanted to meet within the week, was not available when I called.  Client B, who is located in Pangasinan, agreed to do a phone quali with me at 2:00 pm today.  So depending on how this plays out, I might be in Caloocan tomorrow afternoon, as that’s the schedule that I offered to Client A and in Pangasinan in August.  Let’s hope for the best, shall we?

On a totally non-work related note, I tried downloading some of the titles I copied of books displayed in Powerbooks and came up with a several new e-books (see updated list here).  I was most happy about being able to download Eon, as this was something I had seen several months ago and have not been able to download until now.  Another book I was pleasantly surprised to find available was “I am Number Four” by Pitticus Lore.  It’s a story about these 8 alien infants who grew up on Earth and could only be killed in order.  As the title implies, this particular book focuses on what’s currently happening to Number Four, also referred to as John Smith.  It’s supposed to be the first book in a series.  I’ve read the synopsis and the plot is very interesting.

Sometimes, I wonder when I’ll ever be able to read everything in my virtual bookshelf.  I must already have over 100 books in my collection and I’m still reading the first books in the Septimus Heap series (but I’m almost done and I thoroughly enjoyed it this time around).  This brings me to a theory about how books are sometimes meant to be read at different times in our lives.  Sometimes there are books that we are absolutely dying to read at a certain time – for me, it was “The Queen of the Damned” at 17.  I was obsessed with the plot and all the little details I got to unearth, but I couldn’t get into it.  The book was too grown up for me.  Now I’m dying to reread it because I know I’m ready.  Septimus Heap is another example.  The first time I read it, I thought it was okay.  But I wasn’t interested enough to buy the entire set.  Now that I’m reading it again, I’ve found it to be a better story than I remembered.  It was in InkHeart, I think, where I read a passage that said something like, “you know when a book’s really good because you seem to find something new every time you read it.” In the case of Septimus Heap, it was true.

Anyhoo. Despite the fever, I was able to get up for a while yesterday and went to the basketball court with Brian.  I spent the time taking pictures and then later on modifying it.  If there is one thing I miss about my iPhone, it was its ability to create versions of my shots that feel otherworldly.  I’ve recently found out I can do it using my N8 too, but it takes so much more effort and the variations are so limited.  That is the only reason I have found my N8 to be lacking so far.  But that aside, here are some modified shots I’ve taken:


This was still taken on that evening I was in that exhibit in Megamall.  I wonder why I wasn’t able to upload it the other day along with the other shots… but better late than never.

Graphic Art

Sunset in Mono

These two I took at the compound while Brian was playing basketball.  It is my favorite modified shot so far.  You would not believe how long it took me to get this particular effect.

That’s all for now, I think.  If the day’s pace doesn’t change soon, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if another post found its way to being published today.  Tell next time…


Blessed Be…


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