That’s B as in Bitch (and Other Stories) (17/365)


Brian’s been asking why I haven’t been posting as much as before… The truth is, I JUST HAVEN’T HAD THE TIME!  Yesterday was the first (and only) day wherein I was able to stay in the office the entire day.  This is how my week looks like:

  • Monday: Quali – Flexo Manufacturing (morning); Quali – Sky Cable (afternoon); I spent a total of 2 hours in the office.  Just enough to scarf down lunch, re-apply my make up and leave.
  • Tuesday: RA – TopServe Manpower (afternoon); This was unscheduled which stressed me to no end.
  • Wednesday: Office (all day!); I spent the day revising the LBC proposal and began on the Flexo proposal
  • Today (Thursday): Presentation – LBC Express Inc (morning); Lunch happened at 1:00 pm.  By this time, my head was about to explode.  I spent the afternoon completing the Flexo Manufacturing proposal and, now, I am taking the time to write something.
  • Tomorrow (Friday): Presentation – Flexo Manufacturing (morning); RA – TopServe Manpower (afternoon); Will begin working on Sky Cable proposal and reviewing for SMB run next week.

See?  My hair has never been in a bun as often as it was this week.  But anyway…

I’m long overdue for a blog post – especially the one about You-Know-Who.  I am irritated that You-Know-Who is alive.  I am deeply disturbed by the things she did (later on interpreted as a misinterpretation by my boss).  Sometimes, though, it makes me a bit excited for our out-of-the-country trip since I’m always up for a good fight.  But where did it all begin?  Let’s review, shall we?

Phase 1: Slightly Irritated

It was another training request from a repeat client that triggered this whole I-Hope-You-Die campaign against her.  I had previously joined two colleagues for a teleconference for a possible Performance Management design and, when the same client emailed Apple, requesting for another training requirement, I was asked to join too.  Based on the email sent, there seemed to have had a need for a teambuilding, so we decided to involve someone from that division.  Unfortunately, the day the call was supposed to happen, I had to go to LBC to qualify their training needs, Apple was supposed to go with me for the Comm portion of the quali, and Art had to meet with a client.  As none of us were going to be present, the plan was to ask the client to hold the teleconference in the morning (we were all leaving after lunch). Before that even happened, though, Apple found out that You-Know-Who decided to email the client saying that SHE (and only she) was available at their preferred time.  You know, I understand we always put the client’s need first, but was it so hard to talk to the other people involved before worming your way into the spotlight?  Strike one.

Because Apple was the main contact, she stayed behind to attend the teleconference and Bobby and Rachel went with me to LBC.  Apple, I believe, asked You-Know-Who who would be attending from Lead (we have the same super-duper big boss) and she said she would have to run it through my boss’s boss first.  Geline asked me if I could attend and when I said I couldn’t, I asked Jenn to attend in my place.  Now I was beginning to feel slightly irritated because I kinda felt like we were being blocked off.  I mean, it’s a teleconference.  We didn’t know what the client’s needs were.  Wouldn’t it be better to have as many representatives in the room before deciding what the best course of action was?  I mean, for the Perf. Mgmt. program, The Supposedly Not Gay Chipmunk was there and he didn’t do anything but take down notes and leave when he figured the program wasn’t something their division could provide, but we didn’t stop him from being there.  I mean, hello?  One company here.

Due to my slight annoyance, I sent Louie and SMS saying that I was invited to join an Accenture teleconference but couldn’t because I had to meet another client, so Jenn will take my place.  I told Jenn and Apple right before I left.

Me: O, I already texted Louie that Jenn will attend the call.

Jenn:  O, what did he say?  Did he say yes?

Me: Oh, it wasn’t a question.  I just told him you were attending.


Phase 2: Thoroughly Annoyed

Of course it didn’t end there.

The next day, Apple talked to me again.  The teleconference did push through… there were a lot of things that happened before that, though.

Number 1: You-Know-Who asked Apple if the teleconference was about the Performance Management Program.

YKW: Is the teleconference about the same program that you and Art made a proposal for next week?

Apple: No… and I believe that was made clear by the client in the email he sent.

YKW: Ah, okay.  I was just asking kasi I don’t know bakit kasama ka eh.

HALLER.  Strike 2.

Number 2: Apple asks You-Know-Who which Lead Consultant will join them for the teleconference.

Apple: So who’s going to join us from Lead?

YKW: Ay, wala kasing available.  They’re all not here eh.

HALLER AGAIN.  Jenn and Abet were free that afternoon.  Strike 3.

Phase 3: Appalled.

Apple talked to Louie about what happened.  I know for a fact she gave feedback about why Jenn and I felt so bad about the whole situation.  I talked to Brian about this too (so now he knows how we all hate YKW too).  You know, Jenn stopped liking YKW when she found out from Therese that YKW and a couple of other people weren’t happy about us joining them in Hong Kong.  Truth be told, I get that – we don’t deserve to go on that trip because we did nothing to help them meet their target.  If they felt bad that Vic suddenly decided that we were to go with them, then it’s perfectly understandable.  If I were in their position, I would feel bad about it too.  HOWEVER, what I didn’t like was YKW acting like she was so enthusiastic about us joining them in Hong Kong.  When we were having dinner after the Ocean Park trip, she was the one who stayed at our part of the table and kept a conversation going with us.  I’m all for being polite, but I’m not going to carry on a long talk with people if I am genuinely not interested in anything they have to say.  I’ve told Jenn this – I actually don’t like people that much.  The people I hang out with are people I really like.  I wasn’t going to act all nicey-nicey just for appearances’ sake.  At that point, though, when Jenn found out about the behind-the-scene feelings about the Hong Kong trip, I didn’t really care that much.  I actually don’t mind if people don’t like me.  But that day, I just couldn’t take what happened.  I felt really OFFENDED by what she did – because I felt she was purposely trying to keep Jenn and I out of the picture.

Good Goddess!  You want the sale?  That’s fine!  But own up to it.  I tell everyone I’m a bitch because I am.  Whether or not they agree with me is entirely up to them.

If you’re a bitch, then be a bitch.  Because even if you don’t, if you walk like a bitch and act like a bitch, we’ll call you a bitch anyway.



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