Birds of the Same Feather (21/365)

Yes, I’m way, Way, WAAAAY behind the whole post-a-day thing.  Shadap.

This is something I just HAD TO share…

From JCB

Husband Chronicles:  Honey, honey, natakot ako kanina baka they’ll find h1n1 in my blood kanina plus the bird flu pa that I got from you.  Grabe.  I’m really sick noh?

Rolling Eyes Jenn: O, so what did they find?

Praning Husband: Wala I’m normal but I’m so sick pa rin.  Why kaya?

Rolling Eyes Jenn: Psychosomatic na yan

Praning Husband: God!  You’re so unsupportive.  Pagnagkasakit ka bahala ka sa buhay mo di kita aalagaan.

Rolling Eyes Jenn: Best news I’ve heard today.  Shadap.

Praning Husband: Fuck you hope you have tape worms!

From Me

Shet, funniest thing EVER.

From JCB

Wow hindi na sya mysterious.  Big baby na sya.  Nakakainis na sya.

From Me

Matulog ka na!

From JCB

How can I?  How can I?  Nagnenebulizer pa kami.

From Me

Hay naku.  Drug him nalang.  Para dead to the world na yan.

Or drug yourself.

From JCB

Hahahaha.  I’ll opt for the latter.  Magtratralala land na ako 🙂 hahahaha

From Me

Ahahaha… Tama yan.  Go be drugs.

Did you feel the earthquake kanina?

From JCB

My husband did.

From Me

See? We are the only two people in the world who did not feel it.

From JCB

Birds of the same feather are crazy bitchy birds

From Me

I KNOW, RIGHT?!?! Lol.

From JCB


To quote my niece, Amaya… SHETBALLS.  “I hope you have tapeworms!” Funniest.  Thing.  Ever.

Blessed Be…


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