Always, Always Yours (26/365)

I thought of a totally interesting concept this morning.

I always, ALWAYS listen to music when I take a shower in the morning.  So, beginning today, I will list down my “Shower Songs” and see whether it has any effect to my mood for the rest of the day or not (why I came up with this, I have no idea, but it kind of made sense earlier while I was showering).  Today, these are the songs on my list:

  1. Out of My League, Stephen Speaks
  2. Always, Switchfoot
  3. You, Jaci Velasquez

Damn, I don’t remember the others.  Kanina I had it all na in my head eh.  Tomorrow, I will do better, I swear.  Ooooohhh! I remember the last song was Bliss, by Alice Peacock and John Mayer.  There were about two more songs that I don’t remember right now.  Ah, I know na – Foolish Heart, by Steve Perry and Tell Him, the duet by Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand.  See?  I finally got all of it.  Ha.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Switchfoot song, it was the one I heard while riding in Louie’s car while we were on our way to Edsa Shang from FEU.  Lyrics for those who are interested…

This is the star, this is your heart
This is the day you were born
This is the sun, these are your lungs
This is the day you were born

And I am always, always, always yours
And I am always, always, always yours

These are the scars deep in your heart
This is the place you were born
And this is the hole where most of your soul comes ripping out
From the places you’ve been torn

And it is always, always, always yours
And I am always, I’m always, I’m always yours

Hallelujah, I’m caving in
Hallelujah, I’m in love again
Hallelujah, I’m a wretched man
Hallelujah, every breath is a second chance, yeah


And it is always, always, always yours
And I am always, I’m always, always yours
Always, always, I’m always yours, I’m yours
Always, always, I am always yours



It was a pretty good morning set, if I do say so myself.

I’m writing this while Jenn is on the floor in Fujitsu, by the way.  This turned out to be a good batch – to think I was so stressed right before this happened because, if you really look at it, I only had a day and a half to prepare (the second day of Friday, after doing the interviews, and Sunday).  I’ve told myself, when I pull this off, I will give myself a treat.  Now I only hope Jenn finishes soon because our participants need to take that lovely assessment I created and then do the role play.  And then they still have to graduate.  And I still have to go home.  To rest.  Because tomorrow, I have Orix Metro at 8:30 am and I still have to remember what we discussed last week.

I will survive this week – two days to go!  But I swear (kumapal ang buhok ko), the next time I try to schedule 6 consecutive days of session, someone better smack me in the head.  Do you know how stressed I was this week?  I was so stressed, I sent a message to Anthony that read, “Just finished MFR.  I will go these sa Edsa Shang.  Don’t leave me!”

“I will go these”??? Good lord.  My grammar had gone out the window.  And I never even wouldn’t have noticed it if Anthony hadn’t showed it to me and asked, “Ano ‘tong these?”  Shet, man.  Talk about sabog… And after that horrendous moment with my grammar, I went back to Ayala, had a client presentation that started at 8:00 pm and arrived home a little after 10:00 pm.

I love my job.  I really do.  It fulfills me on so many levels.  But 6 consecutive days of sessions?  Someone smack me, please.

Blessed Be…


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