I Hope You Had Nice Dreams (29/365)

6 months ago, I officially joined the corporate world – and this isn’t even 100% corporate, but I think this is as corporate as I can get.  Today was also Birthday Monday (which I was not aware about, so I probably should not have brought food.  I hope I remember to bring it home, though) so it was really a day of mixed emotions.  Birthday celebrant… 4.37… 6th month anniversary… 4.38.  Whatever.  One day, I know I will have to let it go… And, prior to the grades being poted, I actually thought that everything was okay.  But I was wrong.  So I’m wallowing a little bit more and then I’ll leave it behind.  I have another sessoin on Friday, o if I don’t give myself a break, I’ll go crazy before the week ends.

Anyway.  I’m watching Enchanted right now – yes, I know I should be working.  But I was working on Sunday morning, so give me a break, okay?  Also, I thn I seriously need a dose of happily-ever-after, so I transferred a copy of Enchanted to my laptop because I had every intention of of watching it in the office.  I planned to be completed unproductive today – which was a fail, because there’s just no escaping clients.  And your boss.

I love this movie.  I still remember the first time I watched it – this was the first and only film I ever watched in MOA (Open Season does not count beause I watched that under duress).  That was me, Neal, Peehpoe nd Kathy.  This was also the movie that made me think, “So this is it?  This is going to be my lovelife for the rest of my life?”  Obviously, comparing it to Giselle and whatever Patrick Dempsey’s character’s name’s love story was a REALLY bad idea.  I also totally did not get it that Susan Sarandon played the Evil Queen.Talk about having a Snuffleopaggus moment (How the hell do you spell his name?).  Yes, in case I haven’t shared this yet, it totally escaped me that Mr. Snuffleopaggus was an elephant.  I really thought he was just some imaginary creature that Big Bird made up.  Time like those, I really have to wonder how high my IQ really is =p

I have to admit, though, this is such a feel-good-that-it-makes-you-want-to-cry-your-heart-out movie.  I loved all the little references to previous Walk Disney fairytales, the slight absurdity of Prince Edward’s character,  Gisellle’s simplistic innocence that is a stark contrast to the profoundness of some of her words.  I loved it when they started singing “That’s How You Know” and cried my eyes out during Jon McLaughlin’s So Close.

Anyhoo.  Apologies for rather abrupt ending, but I must leave now and tomorrow’s another day =p  And, yes, the day did end on a high note.  Today, after all, was a good day 🙂

Blessed Be…


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  1. Truthseeker


    And while we’re talking of Muppets: FREE PONG PAGONG AND KIKO MATSING! (This Advocacy is brought to you by the letter P, I, and the numbers 9 and 4)

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