Of Sessions, Slippers and Replays of Idol (32/365)

Today was a good way to end the week =p  I spent the day in session in RCBC – I’ve gotten over last week, I think.  Or at least that’s what I’d like to believe.  Anyhow, as I told my class, I only really wanted two things – for them to learn, and for us to have fun.  I’d like to think that both happened 🙂  Was it a perfect grade?  Of course not.  Do I feel bad about it?  No, I don’t 🙂  I had fun today.  I had a good group and it was a great day.  The biggest challenge for me was running a 3-day session in 8 hours.  And to think, prior to this, I thought running PHS for two days was already cutting it close.  But, in the end, it was possible.  Hard, but possible.  I was exhausted at the end of the day, but I don’t think I would have exchanged it for anything else.

Today was a good day, from beginning to end – and, if you really think about it, it isn’t over yet (Chris is here and we’re watching Tangled).  I started out with 6 songs in the shower, as usual.  Here’s my list for today:

  1. Pass You By, Boyz II Men – It was really the video, not the song, that first caught my attention.  I am, however a real fan of Boyz II Men.  They have this one song entitled “Fallin'” that somehow has still manage to elude me (and it’s been nearly ten years that I’ve been looking for a copy).  Maybe this year I’ll get lucky 😉
  2. I Need You Here, Color It Red – “You gave me hope and gave me tears though I could never blame you/I’m calling out but no one hears/I wish it could be true that you would stay/Oh a love like yours would come my way…” I FINALLY got a copy of this (thanks, Iggs, for thinking of searching for it in YouTube).  I was in high school when I first heard it – can you imagine how long ago that feels?  And I never thought of asking my cousin for a copy.  To think he used to play bass for Color It Red.
  3. Knocks Me Off My Feet, Stevie Wonder – Corny as it seems, but it’s the chorus that’s stuck in my head.  “…Oh I don’t want to bore you with it/Oh but I love you/I love you/I love you…” This is such a classic love song.  The funny thing is, I almost never hear it sung whenever I go out with my friends for a night of singing.  Sometimes it makes me wonder why.  It probably has something to do with the fact that I don’t really have a lot of male friends… and most of my male friends are only biologically male and, deep in their hearts, would really rather be girls =p  But to hear this song sung to you… That must be such a treat.
  4. Just My Imagination, Babyface and Gwyneth Paltrow – Such an easy song to listen to.  Every time I hear it, I start swaying to the rhythm and, before I know it, I’m singing along.  Although it’s really about a love story that’s only a reality in someone’s head, it doesn’t really leave you feeling sad and depressed.
  5. Just the Way You Are, Bruno Mars – Bruno Mars has become a phenomenon this year.  I heard somewhere that the songs he writes are songs he would want to sing to a girl.  If I were that girl, I’d never leave him.  Have you heard his songs?  Have you really listened to the words?  It’s to die for! “…And when she smiles/The whole world stops and stares for a while…” Who wouldn’t want words like that written about them?
  6. Earth Stood Still, Lee DeWyze – Lee DeWyze, my favorite American Idol winner so far.  I’ve posted the lyrics to this song in a previous post if I’m not mistaken.  His new songs are so pretty – I’ve heard Earth Stood Still and Beautiful Like You.  They’re such sweet, feel-good songs that makes you want to fall in love all over again.

I am amused in the fact that all six of my Shower Songs seem to have a common thread (side note: Who is this guy singing in tonight’s elimination episode of American Idol?  I think he used to be contestant because Ryan Seacrest keeps saying he “came home to Idol”.  Talk about sexy.) – previous lists seem to have at least one  song that stick out like a sore thumb.  I’m amused to see that today’s list didn’t have any.  It’s all in theme this morning.

So I went off to session, spent 8 hours enjoying there and realized, by the end of the day, that I had lost all feeling in my toes.  Unfortunately, I had left my slippers in the office, thinking I was going to end at 5 pm and would have time to go back to the office, drop off my things and change my footwear.  Unfortunately, at nearly 6 pm, I was just about to leave RCBC and I really couldn’t face the thought of having to get out of the car, go inside the building, ride the lift to the 4th floor and exchange my shoes for slippers.  So, for the second time in this entry, thank you, Iggs, for waiting for me and bringing my slippers down, saving me from any further pain.  I owe you so much for today =p

Thanks to that, I didn’t have to walk to Solaris on my own (because we all know what happened the last time I tried doing that) and was able to get a ride right away.

I’m ending the day with watching a couple of American Idol replays (Top 9 Performances from yesterday were awesome, but I still think Casey Abram’s rendition of Your Song last week was the best.  Needless to say, I cried while watching.).  I still don’t know who got eliminated because I feel asleep while watching the elimination episode.  Chris and I finished watching Tangled – a film that i LOVED, by the way.  It’s theme song, I See the Light, is a previous post.  A couple of contestants are beginning to annoy me (Jason Lusk and the Stefano guy) and I wish they would just get eliminated already.  I am, on the other hand, beginning to get attached to Casey Abrams and Paul What’s-His-Name (Casey because he’s such an artist and Paul because he’s such a performer).  So all of that, plus eating comfort food (pizza and hot wings from Yellow Cab) with Brian and Chris, makes for a really, really good night.

Oh, and Fujitsu closed.  So today was a good day.  This week is a good week.

So let’s hope for another one like it next week =p

Blessed Be…


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