The Confusion Between PTSD and PSTD (41/365)

So this is how I spent Mother’s Day – playing catch up to 90210’s third season.  I stopped watching right before season 2 ended, but was curious enough to read some of the spoilers for the next season.  That kept me pretty up to date and so I more or less forgot to download season 3 when it finally started.

I’m up to episode 13 of the 20 already available for download – the one where the girls go on a yoga retreat and Annie’s cousin, Emily, decides to go all single white female on her.  Notable things so far…

  • Silver sheared off her hair.  Now I like it – it’s shorter than it was at the beginning of the season – but initially, I totally didn’t understand the need to cut off a perfectly good head of hair.  Also, there’s the budding romance with Navid – something that you could smell a mile away.  Why Adrianna doesn’t get is testament to the level of her self-absorption.
  • Annie, originally number two in my list of Most Annoying Protagonists (right after Bella Swan) is surprisingly not as annoying this season as she was in the first two seasons.  I have a feeling the real reason is because she’s not as whiny as she once was.  The big thing about Annie’s life these days is her perpetual struggle to not love Liam.  So far, she’s not doing a very good job.
  • Adrianna – from being a rehabilitated druggie to a teenage mother – has now become the bitch from hell.  She is the Annie of this season – so incredibly hung up on herself, caught up in the glitz and glamour of an overnight sensation, and having everything get into her head – it’s been so easy to hate her.  My heart secretly skipped an ecstatic beat when she figuratively got caught with her pants down in an interview on national television, getting all confused, starting to call PTSD PSTD (which she doesn’t really have).  But now, in episode 13, she seems to be turning around and I’m not too sure how I feel about that.
  • Naomi, hands down, has the best story arc this season.  Bridging from their season finale wherein she was shown being in a room with Mr. Cannon, the new season starts with her pretending to have spent the summer abroad when, in fact, she’s been staying in a cheap motel, unable to pay her rent, because she didn’t want to face anyone, let alone tell her story.  Mr. Cannon has been arrested as of episode 11 or 12 and Naomi has been slowly dealing with what happened to her.  She’s still a bitch, but at least she’s honest about it.

Debbie Wilson and Ryan Matthews have been secretly hooking up and it’s been a pleasure watching them run around, trying to hide from her children.  They’re finally getting interesting… which is really kind of sad since their contracts aren’t being renewed for the next season.

Teddy Montgomery, the golden boy that was to be a soon-to-be pro tennis player, is now gay.

Oh, I couldn’t download episode 14, so I went right on to episode 15 and all that crap I said about Adrianna seemingly turning over a new leaf?  It’s totally not true.  She’s still a bitch.

Blessed Be…


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