Betty Bought a Bit of Bitter Butter (47/365)

How apt.  I’m listening to a group of Gen Y-ers tell the rest of the class what their lifetime goals are and how their working for their company is helping them achieve that goal, and here I am, wondering how speaking with that… That… That… (cannot think of an appropriate term right now) is contributing to the fulfillment of my lifetime goal.

Then again, I’m writing about it, aren’t I?  My words right now are fueled by indignation, with a pinch of hate and a sprinkle of fear.  I cannot help but wonder what I have gotten myself into.  I’ve never really met an organization representative that I truly did not like, nor have I ever been talked down to by any of my contacts.  This was truly a first.  

I do, to a certain point, understand the other perspective – they really do come first.  But aren’t there some realities in life that we just have to live with?  I’ve always thought it was the freedom of others that curtails our own.  I didn’t expect 100% satisfaction because having a nearly full schedule is an inconvenience for the other party (a nearly full schedule is both a burden and a benefit, believe me), but I think I did expect a little bit of consideration… A better understanding of the bigger picture.

What I didn’t expect was what I got – a rather uncomfortable conversation with someone I have yet to meet.

And he was the one who was offended.



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