Spell Naive (50/365)

I have it in for you this weekend.  I can feel it in my bones.  Nothing you do is right in my eyes… And I have no remorse for feeling that way.

I try to understand you, really – where you came from, what your background is, what’s your life like outside the office.  A part of me feels bad for you, because I wouldn’t want your life for me.  But I have always been a big fan of choice and, just like what I say in session, at the end of the day, it has always been our choice to stay.  Even if we’ve spent most of our life living a certain way, it doesn’t mean we can’t change.  I’ve re-written my life so many times – choosing to end a chapter and begin a new one – and finding out that every tale I’ve lived, every story I’ve told has made me stronger (if not better) as a person.  It’s never too late to rewrite your life.

Maybe it would be better if I actually I told you this to your face.  

Then again, it maybe it would be infinitely better if I actually cared enough about you to want to say it to your face.

But I don’t.

Oh well.

And there is nothing wrong with the word “horns”.  But there is something wrong with the word “horny”.  Just saying, you know?

Blessed Be.


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