That Bald Boy with an Arrow on His Head (57/365)

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a film I have yet to watch.  I used to watch, however, the animated series in Nickelodeon.  No, I will not tell you how old I was at that time, but let’s just say I wasn’t exactly a kid.  The story line is rather interesting.  It revolves around the concept of 4 nations, each with individuals who are learned in the art of “bending”.

Each of the four nations has a predisposition to learn bending one of the four elements, hence, they are named appropriately – the Air Nomads, the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation.  Then there’s one individual who masters all 4 elements.  He or she now becomes the Avatar.

Enter Aang, a young Air Nomad who was destined to be the next Avatar.  Can you imagine the pressure he must have felt, not even 16, knowing that so much power (and responsibility) would fall on his shoulders? Aang buckles under the pressure and runs away.  In the middle of running away, however, he gets caught in a freak storm in the middle of the ocean and spends the next 100 years in suspended animation.  This is where the animated series officially begins.

I’m currently on episode 4, and writing this entry while trying to watch is not doing anything for me.  As far as I’ve gathered, they’ve come into this village where all the warriors are females.  I’m going to have to watch this again after publishing this post.

I must say, however, as early as now, there are some characters I feel I have to watch out for (translation: possibly very interesting story lines).

Katara of the Water Tribe

Katara – the only water bender from the Water Tribe.  She, along with her brother, finds Aang trapped in the iceberg and immediately believes that Aang can save the world.

Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation

Zuko – prince of the Fire Nation.  The series opens with him already in exile.  There seems to be a deeper story around his relationship with his family.  His determination to find the Avatar is mainly tied to the fact that he believes this will restore his honor.

And now I’m at episode 5 and have no idea what’s happened.  Apparently, they’ve arrived at the Earth Kingdom now.  I’ll put the writing to rest for a bit and let’s see where that gets me.  Maybe I should have a Watch Along, too =p

What do you think?

Blessed Be…


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One response to “That Bald Boy with an Arrow on His Head (57/365)

  1. Truthseeker

    STAY AWAY FROM THE FILM! Or if you want to make okray of how bad it is, pwede din.

    The three seasons, best expereinced one after the other. Nom. :))

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