Because It Starts with the Self (60/365)

This is not going to be one of those long entries I have a habit of writing.  It’s almost 7:00 am and I’m squeezing this in before I start preparing for my 10:00 am presentation (yes, in about an hour, I will start feeling like I want to throw up).

I’ve had several runs of AdSup recently, so when I came upon this post from the The Positivity Blog, it was very reminiscent of what I discuss.  One thing we always say is that self-esteem always starts with the self.


You are swimming in a sea of negativity.

If you are trying to change your attitude then it’s not very helpful to live in a world where forces try to drag you back to your old mindset each day. It makes it very hard to change.

What you allow into your mind will have a big effect on you. So be selective. If you’re hanging out with negative people all the time then that can really drag you down. It’s not easy to stay optimistic when pessimism is the default mode in your world.

Another part of this is getting hooked on the news and prophecies of the sky falling. The sky is probably not falling.

Consider spending less time with negative voices. Cut back on – or cut out – seeing negative people. Cut back on watching the news or even more spectacularly negative TV-shows. But don’t forget to replace that old stuff you cut out with something more positive instead. If you have a vacuum in your life then you are more likely to revert back to your old habits.

You can for instance replace reading the newspaper in the morning with listening to personal development CDs, watching something fun or just having a good conversation with someone that positive, funny or enthusiastic.

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Sometimes I don’t understand why we keep surrounding ourselves with people who just make us miserable.  This ultimately goes back to choice, in my opinion.  Who decides to hang out with these people?  We do.  Who decides to keep hanging out with these people even if they make us feel like shit?  We do.

With all the complexities of life, I’ve found that sometimes it’s all very simple.  If you feel like you’re the victim, do something about it.  If you don’t want to do something about it, then stop whining.

You can’t always blame circumstance for your suffering.  Sometimes, it’s not even other people who make you miserable – not all people are out to get you and not all people are competing with you.

Sometimes, it’s just YOU.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Blessed Be…


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