One Thing Off My List (65/365)

Life List Item #15: Travel to Singapore. CHECK!!!

Brian and I landed on Singapore ground a little past 8:00 pm Sunday night. It was his first time flying out of the country and it was my first time to visit Singapore. There really isn’t any need to describe the excitement we were feeling.

Resie (Brian’s awesome older sister) and Marvin (her equally awesome spouse) picked us up from the airport. After a meal of chicken, chili prawns and those yummy little bread things, we were on our way to Pasir Ris – the place we would be calling home for the next 7 days.

Early the next day, we went on a “city tour” (in quotation marks because it was done sariling sikap style). The Helix Bridge was the first thong to take my breath away. Complicated and constructed in a way wherein it almost seems to be swirling, the chrome-colored walkway was quite an experience. It was while walking through it that I had my first perfect moment.

Lunch was at Marina Bay – I had Indian food – and I had my first glimpse of a Singaporean mall. Very Power Plant-esque, if I may say. The Artscience Museum was there too – they were running tours on Dali, Van Gogh and an exhibit called Shipwrecked all for S$28. I grabbed a brochure and made a mental note to update our itenerary.

Next it was off to the Merlion. I was thankful for the mist as it was becoming hotter and hotter by the minute. Then we hit several malls that sold mobile phones. I had conviniently lost my N8 the night before we left Manila (no, I did not go crazy with grief this time. Brian did) and had every intention of canvassing for a new one while we were here. You know that saying about a window opening when a door closes? It’s SOOOO true. I said goodbye to my N8 and, with a little persuasion from Brian, got myself an Xperia Arc (which I am using to write this entry).

The day ended with us meeting up with Ate Ria and Kuya Marvin for dinner at Just Acia. I’ve learned to stop converting every single amount to peso, so although I still haven’t bought anything other than my phone, I’ve found myself more appreciative of the things I could buy.

Anyway… One thing I’ve done consistently done since arriving is walk. And by walk, I don’t mean 15-minute strolls by the park or hurrying to cross the road. When I say walk, I mean walking for hours. HOURS!!!

Today it was more walking – Orchard Road, then Novena for Lunch (Wee Nam Kee is the greatest place for pigging out, I swear. I am now officially a fan of Deep Fried Baby Squid). Then we went back to Orchard Road, looking for Lucky Plaza. After that it was Queenstown for shoes. Brian’s shoes, not mine.

As of the writing of this post, we still aren’t home. Due to the fact that the entire Singapore is a hotspot, I’m at White Sands Mall, sitting in some random area.

Tomorrow, it’ll be the Singapore Zoo. Catch you again with (hopefully) more awesome anecdotes about my adventure in Singapore.

Blessed Be…


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