Most of the Things I Needed to Know, I Learned in Singapore (67/365)

Be proud. Be humble.
We are Asian and International.
We want to be modern but also keep traditions.

Go forward. Remember the past.
Our Yes always comes with a But…
We are combat ready but peace loving.

Teach less. Learn more.
Be pragmatic and keep dreaming. Be WOW not wild.
We are competetive and also Compassionate.
Fly high but stay rooted.
We have limited space but unlimited dreams.
Think global, stay local.
Reduce stress, increase drive.
Speak your mind but mind what you say.
At ease with the world, at home in Singapore.
Cheap but good.

Be confident. Be cautious.
We have cool heads and warm hearts.

We work hard for an easy life.

Blessed Be…


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