The Little Girl Who Could (68/365)

One thing everyone told me I had to make sure to visit was Sentosa. When I first stepped on the grounds, admittedly, I didn’t think it was all it was hyped up to be – I had just come from the Dali exhibit, you see, and that was 150% awesomer than I expected.

We started with the Segway – those two-wheeled thingies that get you from one place to another while standing up. “Training” was very simple: to go forward, lean forward; to go backward, lean back; to change direction or turn, tilt the handle to whichever direction you want to go. Easy, right?


The “Trainer” let me wheel myself around in an enclosed area (goddess forbid we roll away with the Segways). After a minute or so, she asked if I was okay to go. I said yes (I wasn’t). So away I rolled, occassionally bumping into Brian and laughing the entire time. I think it was really my nerves more than anything.

Like Carmen (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) said, you can get used to almost anything. The Segway was no exception.

Then someone had the bright idea to pay a visit to that part of Sentosa where the Megazip was being done. Zipping down a wire for hundreds and hundreds of meters I was willing to do. Unfortunately, the Zipline was under repair. Such was our luck… And that could have been the end of my post, but that would have been boring (and I probably would not have even blogged about it). For S$29, you get to jump off a 5-story platform (The ParaJump) and go through an obstacle course made up entirely of ropes and hanging pieces of wood (The ClimbMax). Why I suddenly agreed to doing these, I don’t know. But I did realize a couple of things afterwards:

On The ParaJump

1. I was not nervous about jumping off and free falling at 60mph. I was not queasy when my harness was being tied to the pulley (or whatever that was). In the ParaJump, however, you aren’t pushed off – you have to step off the platform out of your own free will. At the last moment before stepping off, there’s that split-second that you want to glue yourself to the wall.

2. Falling 5 stories takes less time than drinking water from an 8-ounce glass.

3. You go into a vacuum when you fall. You don’t even think of screaming. Probably because there isn’t enough time.

4. It hurts when you land on your feet then fall on your butt.

On The ClimbMax

1. It’s a test of upper and lower body strength as well as balance. My hands are now raw and have little callouses and my legs hurt.

2. You can’t just go from one leg to the next. Sometimes you have to figure out how you’re going to cross the next one.

3. The rest stops are there for a reason. After finising a leg, it feels really good to hug the post.

4. I am better at crossing ropes than planks (this explains why I kept telling the narrow pieces of wood I was suppose to step on that I hated it very, very much).

5. After a very, very bad first try, I will start to palpitate and stand frozen on a little piece of wood attached to ropes.

6. After the same disastrous first time mentioned in #5, I attempted to cross the narrow pieces of wood by sitting down on it. I couldn’t (unless I was contented with hovering several inches above it). I am convinced there are only two possibilities: my harness wouldn’t let me, or I was too short.

6. Under extreme duress and excessive amounts of pressure, I will start to cry. Yes, I cried. In the middle of the obstacle course.

7. That, just like in life, there is always an out. After refusing to cross the ropes with the little wooden steppy things, the guides told us that I could zip to the other end. I did just that – and consequently got stuck three-quarters of the way to the next rest stop.

8. Don’t listen to Russ (or whoever your guide is when you get there). I originally wanted to do level 1, and Brian wanted to do level 3, but he convinced both of us that we could go together on level 2. And we believed him.

9. When you did what I did with someone else (Brian was with me the whole time and was extra nice when actually finished), it changes your relationship forever. Like the Amazing Race.

10. Didn’t really think I could do it… Didn’t really think I would finish. But I did.

I am the little girl who could.

Blessed Be…



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2 responses to “The Little Girl Who Could (68/365)

  1. Leo

    Wow, I want to see some pictures. 🙂 I didn’t know you’re athletic until this. 🙂

  2. Haha… coming soon yung pictures. Tinatamad pa kasi along mag-upload sa fb. Buti nalang walang nakuha nung mga crylaloo moments ko (nakatago kasi ako sa likod ng poste).

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