Bolts of Lightning (70/365)

In recent days, I have been finding it a little bit more difficult to rouse myself in the mornings and go to work.  I got a taste of my own medicine, I think.  It’s fun to talk about people.  It’s no fun when people keep talking about you.

Anyway, despite the dark clouds that have been hovering over me lately, I’ve found some things I’m truly grateful for…

  • 8-Hour Sessions.  I once wrote about being thankful for nit-picky clients because without them, I never would have pushed myself to go outside my comfort zone.  This is kind of like that.  8 hours is not a lot of time to run a program.  Last Saturday, I found myself conducting a 1-dayer in Tagaytay.  To get there before 8:00 am, I had to leave the office at 6:00 am, which translated to waking up at 4:30 am.  It also meant heading home to Manila at 7:00 pm and arriving a little after 8:00 pm.  But you know what?  I wouldn’t have traded that Saturday for anything in the world.  After fully customizing a design for 8 hours, having so many sleepless nights, I came, I trained and I conquered.  I conquered with a 4.90.
  • Christopher Wendell, BFF.  Chris and I don’t have a perfect friendship, but we are TRUE friends.  That Saturday after arriving from Singapore was an example.  Our plane landed in Manila at 12:30 am.  We finished with immigration a little after 1:00 am.  Brian and I arrived at the condo at 2:00 am.  You would think we would have gone straight to bed… But NOOOO… We headed out again at 2:30 am, met up with Chris and had a very, very late dinner (or a very, very early breakfast, depending on how you look at it).
  • Brian John, Boyfriend.  Brian and I have been to hell and back.  We have had our highs and our lows (right now we’re riding a high).  When things are rough in other areas of my life, it’s a blessing coming home to him.
  • The Rain.  Obviously, it has taken me several days before finishing this entry.  Pedring (did I get it correctly?) has come and gone.  That day, however, that the rain had apparently no intention of stopping, I was able to experience nearly being blown in a different direction somewhere in Ayala Avenue.  I love the rain.  Rainy days make me happy.  But rainy days are so much better when you’re just at home.
  • Good Food, Good Friends and Great Films.  Brian, Chris and I watched Warrior last night.  As I described it to anyone who would listen – “Warrior is a family drama in the guise of an MMA film”.  I LOVED it.  I loved it so much that I kept crying during the movie.  Yes, I have issues.  I know that already.  For those who haven’t watched it yet, do so.  You will not regret it.
Life in recent days have not been perfect.  There were a couple of mornings I honestly thought I was in a rut.  Office life is not a fairy tale – I mean, I’ve known this for a long time, but something went intrinsically wrong the week I came home from Singapore.  That, or something was wrong with me when I arrived in Manila.  It was almost as if I wasn’t ready to come home.
Blessed Be…

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