This 4-Day Thing (76/365)

For the first time since last October (and on that note, another year of being employed has passed… Yay me!), I get to enjoy four days of rest.  There was that other 4-day weekend last September (I think… I can’t remember anymore), but half of that was eaten up by a 16-hour intervention up in Antipolo.  So technically, this is my very first 4-day weekend.  I have nothing planned – partly because Brian started his new job and his schedules a little wonky and being as new as he is, he has no right to complain – or miss a day.  Partly, too, it’s because I just really, Really, REALLY need some rest (I thought of getting a book report done somewhere in between but that hasn’t happened yet).

Today was Day One and, in all honesty, this has got to be the most unproductive day of my entire year.  And I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.  I did get a chance to finally start watching Merlin – this British fantasy series Chris has watched for four seasons now.  As the title implies, it’s a about Merlin – yes, the warlock from King Arthur’s court – but the story is spun in a very different way.  Arthur’s eighteen when the first season starts and apparently grew up with Uther.  Morgana also lives with them as the King’s ward – we later on find out that she is Uther’s biological daughter.  She’s a good character in the beginning and, in many instances, shows great concern for Arthur’s well-being.  Guinevere – here called Gwen – is not of noble birth, but fits in the ensemble as Morgana’s handmaid.  There is an old scholar named Gaius who serves as Merlin’s mentor – I don’t remember him from the original series, but there’s got to be something new, right?  (*note: I’m watching One Tree Hill and Nathan just kissed Haley for the first time and I’m so kilig*) Nimue has also appeared on two episodes but as a villain.  She almost kills Merlin in episode 4.  Considering that there is so much magic going around, it’s ironic that the story is set in a kingdom headed by a royal who is deathly paranoid about anything and anyone who does magic.

The other show I spent the afternoon watching was One Tree Hill.  I started watching this show when it was on it’s third season.  At that point, I went out of my way to buy DVDs of the first two seasons.  After that, I fell in love with the series.  I have a lot of issues, so this show is perfect for me.  Every episode is some source of catharsis for me.

I have been extremely enamored with Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) since the beginning.  At the end of six seasons (I stopped watching after that), I was very pleased that he ended up with Payton.  Now, in the advent of all the downloading happening, I decided that I was going to download all previous seasons and relive their stories all over again.  Season One was conveniently completed right before the holidays started and I have this entire weekend to be with Lucas, Nathan, Haley, Payton and Brooke.

Then there are the books that I’ll be putting in the iPad.  The one I’m really excited about is the second in Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series: Son of Neptune.  I recently finished The Lost Hero and I still haven’t gotten over how good it was.

Anyway, enough for now.  I’m moved on to last week’s episode of The Secret Circle.  I’m still waiting for Adam and Cassie to finally get together.

Blessed Be…


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