Because I Can’t Let It Go (77/365)

Still watching One Tree Hill season 1.

Brooke got Lucas drunk and they ended up making out in an alley somewhere.  And then he comes home with a tattoo (the chinese symbol for “fun”).

God, Lucas is an idiot.

*          *         *

On a rather unrelated note…

I’m  starting a new series – NBC’s Grimm.  Like Once Upon a Time, the show is loosely based on various characters found in fairytales.  Once Upon a Time, however, takes on a more magical, Charmed feel, while Grimm is something of an action, Buffy the Vampire Slayer thing.  Both have proven to be interesting.

Grimm begins its first episode with a girl going out for a run (and I’m taking this as a sign that I should go jogging today.  Due to recent events, I’ve missed out on one).  I had a rather strange moment, finding myself thinking that the Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams would be a good song to run to.  Anyway, so this girl goes running on a trail in the woods.  Somewhere along the way, she notices a little figurine on a piece of fallen wood (it looked like Gretel, if you ask me).  She stops and picks it up and then suddenly this black furry blur comes out of nowhere and drags her off-screen.  We then hear her screams and, at this point, it would be appropriate to assume that she was dead.

Now Buffy the Vampire Slayer held my interest for so many years – up until that very, very disappointing finale – so it’s very possible that I may get hooked on this show.  Imagine CSI crossed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer without Nicholas Brandon as a comic relief.

I guess, for now, it’s wait and see for me.


Blessed Be…

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